Argyll Array Project Update #30 – July 2012

Scottish Power Renewables logoWhen the announcement of the amended timescales for the Argyll Array was made it was also announced that this would have no effect on the discussions regarding the Community Partnership Fund (CPF) proposed to be established in Tiree by SPR. This is still the case and the commitment to the Fund is unchanged. What has slipped, however, is the timescales for the agreement about the detail of the Fund.

It was agreed between SPR and the Tiree Trust that the financial implications of the current Tiree Growth Plan should be estimated in order to provide a possible first stage in the process of agreeing the annual amount of the Fund. This will require an independent costing of the Growth Plan. SPR has undertaken to fund this work. The delay has been associated with the tendering process for that independent work. We hope that a contract can be awarded soon to allow it to begin.

It was also said at the outset of the negotiations about the CPF that minutes of the meetings held between SPR and the Trust would be published at the end of each stage of discussions. The discussions have however not followed that kind of pattern so it is appropriate to now publish the minutes of the meetings that have taken place so far. These will be published in the next edition of An Tirisdeach, when more space is available, and simultaneously on the websites of SPR and the Tiree Trust. It is also intended that the first direct public consultation regarding the CPF will now take place when the costing of the Growth Plan becomes available.

Future updates

· What’s in an Environmental Statement?

· What’s a pre?application consultation?

Questions or comments

If anyone has any questions or comments on any of the above, or indeed any aspect of the project, please contact me at – Donnie Campbell, ScottishPower Renewables Community Liaison Officer, Machair, Kilmoluaig in the first instance. My land line telephone number is 220 352, mobile number 07881 983 753 and email [email protected]

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