Community Fuel Station Update

Following our last update, Tiree Community Enterprise Ltd (TCE) has been very busy working with our project partners to deliver the petrol station on budget and as quickly as possible.

Both goals have proved to be demanding but good progress has been made and a big thank you goes to each of our contractor, consultant and funders for their efforts and support to date. Despite some difficulties with the ferries, the site investigation work is now complete. This was an important phase of the works as it provided the opportunity for us to fully explore the viability of underground storage tanks which had previously been discounted during the feasibility study. While being desirable from an aesthetic viewpoint, they also offer substantial cost saving and manufacture lead time benefits. The site investigation went well and the preferred option is now to install underground tanks.

The contractor in now moving towards completion of his design and we hope to be in receipt of their drawings, costs and the build programme in about three to four weeks. It is hoped at that time we will be in a position to submit the formal applications to the various statutory authorities.

As alluded to in our last update, timescales are proving to be the most challenging aspect of the project. We have been informed that the Planning Department is experiencing a significant backlog due to COVID restrictions and SEPA are currently experiencing IT problems. We hope to be in a position to report further on this item in our next update.

A question we seem to get asked a lot is “Are we installing electric vehicle charging points?” The answer is yes, but maybe not straight away. We are installing the infrastructure to support the charging points and our contractor is looking for ways to future proof the installation. However, the charging points themselves will only be installed immediately if the budget permits. If it does not, we shall seek further funding to allow them to be installed as soon as possible.

The work of the TCE board is not just confined to the construction. TCE have been looking to the operational phase and is laying the initial ground work with regards to financial planning, property management and environmental issues. Additionally, we have issued proposal invitations to several fuel suppliers. Their responses are expected in just over three weeks’ time.

As previously stated, the TCE board has been keen to promote the use of local contractors and we are pleased to report that Adler and Allen are of a similar view. We understand that appointments for transport and civil engineering works are to be let locally and there may be other possible openings for the local community. If you would like to discuss the potential subcontractor opportunities, please contact Jock Breckney by email Jock.Breckney@adlerandallan. or alternatively call him on 07770 827 262.