It’s Official! Tiree Community Council Elections

community council electionFollowing a short campaign by local Tiree residents it is now confirmed by Argyll & Bute Council that elections for a new Community Council on Tiree will go ahead on Thursday the 26th June.

This will be an election that is out of the normal Community Council election cycle, but has been agreed to by Argyll & Bute Council as a special case due to the pressing need for our community to have a statutory `voice’.

There are a great many issues on Tiree that a Community Council can become involved with. Many of a Community Council’s functions and responsibilities have a statutory background, particularly with certain important public consultations. It is very much hoped that a good cross-section of residents, who feel that they can help with the varied responsibilities and commitments of being a Community Councillor, will consider seeking nomination.

The process of nomination is necessarily fairly formal, but nevertheless quite straightforward. Details of where and how to obtain your nomination form are given in the formal notice of election. A Community Council can have an enormous impact on the future of Tiree, and can also be very rewarding, in terms of making a significant contribution within your own community.

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  • Some interesting candidates…

    Amongst others I especially wish, John MacCaskill well for his broad and rational 21st century outlook on visitors & sustainable development , and also Angus MacKechnie well for highlighting educational needs.



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