Scarinish Harbour Moorings

As you may have read in earlier editions of An Tirisdeach, Tiree Community Development Trust is in the process of taking over ownership of the newly repaired Scarinish Harbour.

A subsidiary company (Tiree Community Maritime Assets Ltd or ‘TCMAL’) which is 100% owned by The Trust, has been set up to own and manage the harbour on behalf of the Trust. This allows any potential risk to be kept away from the Trust and also allows the Trust to appoint a board of directors to focus on the management of the harbours. A list of TCMAL Directors can be seen at

The overall aim of the project is to make Scarinish Harbour safe to use and fit for purpose for fishermen and leisure users and to ensure that it is now maintained and well managed in the future. To ensure that this can happen TCMAL will be introducing a membership scheme for users with the aim of generating enough funds to allow the pier to be operated in a sustainable manner. Costs which will have to be covered will include insurance, maintenance and administration.

We would ask that if you currently have a mooring in Scarinish Harbour please contact either the Trust Office, David Kerr or Frazer MacInnes as soon as possible to let us know. There will be 15 mooring memberships available and these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The membership scheme will operate as follows:

  • Mooring rights with full use of the harbour and pier for 12 months (max. 15 boats) £100 per year
  • Use of the pier and harbour to launch (no mooring) for 12 months (unlimited) £50 per year
  • There will also be a ‘day launch’ option for infrequent users at £10 per day for launching and use of the pier and a daily charge of £10 for visiting boats using the pier or the harbour.
  • A commercial rate has also been set for businesses (fishing and sea tours).

If you have any questions about this or the project in general please do get in touch on 220 074 or

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