Tiree Broadband Link Approved

bt_broadbandTiree is about to enter the high speed digital age!

Fears that the island would lose the planned fibre optic cable that would bring high speed broadband have at last been lifted. The licence to lay the sub sea cable from Calgary in Mull to Scarinish was granted to BT this week by Marine Scotland after a new route was submitted, and it is hoped that work on the cable will begin almost immediately.

A spokesman for Highlands and Islands Enterprise told Tiree Community Council, “I am pleased to inform you that BT has now been successful in securing a licence from Marine Scotland to allow them to proceed with the laying of this important fibre link. We expect work to start on the route very soon.”

Shock news that the high speed broadband link was being threatened by objections from Glasgow-based scallop dredgers came two weeks ago. However, it was made very clear to Marine Scotland, the government licencing agency, that if Tiree lost this cable the island could suffer serious damage to its social and economic development. In a letter to the agency, and to Scottish ministers and MSP’s, Tiree Community Council pointed out that if the link was cancelled the adverse effects on the island’s business, tourism and education would be disastrous.

Last night a spokesman for Tiree Community Council said, “This is great news. Tiree’s voice has been heard and the island can now look forward to being part of the age of high speed broadband. This link will bring huge benefits to the island in the future. We will be able to compete on a level playing field with other areas in attracting people and businesses to come to Tiree. We cannot overestimate the importance of this to the island, and we are delighted that the licence has been granted.”


  • Excellent news. A lot of us will have seen the cable-laying ship off the island, or at least on Ship-AIS. Let’s hope we are up and running soon. Marvellous start for the new Community Council. Congratulations to all involved!

  • Great news, thanks to all involved…

  • Thanks Norman and Carl,

    The Community Council are of course delighted that we were able to positively influence Marine Scotland by making the case for Tiree. We did not do this alone, and much credit is also due to the Tiree Trust and Tiree Broadband who also played a significant part in putting forward compelling arguments to Marine Scotland.

    Perhaps even more importantly as a Community Council, we are beginning to make important contacts and also get our voice heard by, `those that matter’. This will be invaluable as we start on the next stage of securing an early timetable from BT on their proposals for making better broadband speeds available island wide. There is also of course the annoying issue of mobile phone coverage, 3G availability etc on Tiree, and which we propose to raise and discuss at our next TCC meeting on the 1st October at 7.30pm.

    But as you both say, it is a very good start for us, and I do thank you both once more, both for your interest and positive comments.

    Finally, we are in the process of getting our website up and running, not without a few issues, but hopefully you will be able to read regular comment and updates on our progress with various issues on the site, http://www.tireecommunitycouncil.co.uk There are also contact details for all of Tiree’s Community Councillors, should you wish to raise any issues or make any comments regarding possible concerns that you may have within our community.

    Best regards,


  • Sorry……KARL!!

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