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The Windfall Fund will be open to enquiries from Monday 10th September so please get in touch with a member of the Trust Team for an enquiry form or for more information.

Using the feedback received from the consultation day on 16th June, we have now split the Windfall Fund into the following categories:

  • Community Support Fund – Community Groups, Businesses and Individuals whose projects provide a clear benefit to Tiree are eligible to apply for funding up to £1,000. This fund will be open all year round and there is a standard application process. All applications are judged for eligibility according to set criteria.
  •  Community Investment Fund – Community Groups, Businesses and Individuals whose projects provide clear benefit to Tiree are eligible to apply for funding for larger scale, longer term projects, e.g. infrastructure projects. Funding in this category is not capped but will be limited by how much money is available at any given time. A minimum of 50% of available funds is allocated to this category.
  •  Comfort Fund – This fund aims to provide additional support to residents of Tiree who have to go to the mainland for hospital appointments. Please contact the Trust for more details.
  •  · Business Start-up Grant – This fund is open to anyone on Tiree who is starting a new business. A grant of £500 is available on approval of a business plan.
  •  Community Owned Buildings – A sum is allocated each year to support the maintenance of our community buildings on Tiree. Please let us know if your group owns or acquires an asset as you may be eligible.

 Community Partnership Fund

Since SPR announced their intention to develop a Community Partnership Fund (CPF) and as part of the Trust’s fact finding work surrounding the Tiree (Argyll) Array, we have been talking to SPR about what the Fund might be and what possible benefits it could bring to the community if the proposed Array was to go ahead. As a first stage of these discussions SPR have agreed to have the Tiree Growth Plan valued by an independent consultant. Unfortunately there have been delays associated with the tendering process which has knocked the original timescales back. Minutes of the initial meetings are available to read on our website and we will provide an update as soon as possible.

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