Beaver Scouts Scale The Heights On Tiree

Tiree Beaver Scouts took part in their annual Activity Day at the Hynish Centre on Saturday 16th May.

This year there was a focus on experimenting and fact finding missions. The group’s adventures included a visit to Tilley. The Beavers were shown around the turbine by TREL directors and were all very excited to go up to the control tower and see just how high Tilley is from the inside. Lots of questions were asked and there may well be a few budding engineers in our midst.Our ‘just for fun’ study outside showed that it took 11 people with outstretched arms to span the circumference of the base!

A more specific study was held at the beach at Hynish when the group completed a seashell survey led by our local ranger, Steve Nagy. A wide variety of shells were found and identified, which shows the diversity of sea life that exists around Tiree.

Raw eggs were the subject of the afternoon’s experiment, much to the delight of the Beavers! They had to make a receptacle using only straws and tape to ensure the safe delivery of an egg. This sounds simple enough, but the egg then had to be dropped from a height! There was great hilarity as each group battled to save their egg.

No day out for the Beavers would be complete without a treasure hunt around Hynish. Pirates had left coded messages which had to be worked out before moving onto the next clue. Luckily, the codes were broken and the pirate gold discovered!

Our thanks go to Lesley at the Hynish Centre for providing delicious meals and drinks throughout the day, to the directors of TREL, Derek Campbell, Steve Nagy, PC Tanner, Margaret Worsley with the Resource bus, and all the volunteers who helped make the day run so smoothly.

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