Fèis Thiriodh 2nd to 6th July 2018

The days are long, the sea is almost warm, summer has arrived and our Fèis Thiriodh is but a few short weeks away!

The Tiree Fèis, established in 1990 by a group of islanders seeking to foster and promote the language, culture and music of Tiree, has been going strong ever since. Every July we promote this week-long festival of traditional culture with classes for young and old, and evenings filled with dances, cèilidhs, lectures and walks. ’S ann sa bhliadhna 1989 a chuir buidheann de mhuinntir Thiriodh Fèis air dòigh airson cànan is ceòl an eilein a bhrosnachadh. An luib seo, tha eòlas air dualchas Thiriodh air a shnaigheadh a-staigh do dhòigh-beatha an là ’n diugh ann an dòigh a tha taitneach agus tarraingeach do shean is òg. Chan fheum Gàidhlig a bhith agad a’tighinn, ach fàgaidh sibh le beagan a’ bharrachd, agus, tha sinn an dòchas, le ùidh agus tuigse ann an cànan, cleachdaidhean agus dualchas Eilean Thiriodh. “thig crìoch air saoghal, ach mairidh gaol is ceòl.”

Most of these traditions have been handed down to us through the medium of Gaelic, and we try to use the language as much as possible. Even if you come with little or no Gaelic, we hope you leave with a little bit more, and an enthusiasm for – ar dualchas – our traditional culture – which Tiree has in such riches.

Alongside Tiree’s very own rich pool of talented musicians, Fèis week attracts some hugely talented musicians from far and wide. This year from Tiree we have Anna MacDonald teaching Clàrsaich, Doc Holliday teaching flute and whistle and Iain MacKinnon holding Gaelic conversation classes, while Kenny Rankin (of Lochalsh, but now living here in Tiree) is teaching guitar. Our visiting tutors include Màrtainn Skene of North Lochaber on accordion, Ally Murray from Kyle of Lochalsh (and long-time member of Tiree’s famous band Skipinnish) on drums, Anna Garvin of Oban teaching fiddle and Ally Maclean, also from Oban, taking pipes and chanter classes. Originally from Canada, Tara Rankin will be joining us to teach keyboards and also taking afternoon step-dancing classes. Also helping us to step up the pace will be Josie Burgess coaching us in a variety of sports. Lewis-man Kenny Nicolson is making the trip to help us all to raise our voices in song, while from Mull we have Alasdair Satchel coming to tutor film-making whilst also creating and producing a Fèis Thiriodh film for us.

And for the wee ones we have Fèis Bheag (5-8 yr olds) and Fèis Bheag Bheag (under 5’s) packed full of fun and ably run by Tiree folk Mhairi MacKinnon, Adam Smith, Emma MacKinnon and Donna MacLean.

Alongside the daily classes, every day will include time to learn the Fèis songs, and every evening will provide a chance to tune in, stamp your feet and dance along to the music of this fabulous gathering of musicians.

Added to this we have everything from a quizz to a tug o’ war, and there will no doubt be a goodly supply of Tiree’s fabled homemade cakes and many other goodies besides!

Do join us for a week-long celebration of all things Tiree – it’s not just for the kids, everyone is welcome! Booking forms are available via our website and Facebook: www.feis-thiriodh.com

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