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RE: Visitors camping facilities

Dear Sir,
I was saddened to see a Letter to the Editor published in the last edition of An Tirisdeach, that not only seemed to be a very scathing and personal attack on the Scarinish Hotel but I would imagine a blow to their possible occupancy at a time of the year when businesses of this type are gearing up to the forthcoming tourist season.

Yes, I think there are certainly things that can be improved on and that goes for us all, however if the author is intent on offering malicious statements on someone else’s business, he should at least have the courage of his convictions – or some might says ‘the guts’ – to put his name to it.

Yours faithfully, Andrew Montgomery

Being aware of Tiree’s long tradition of welcome to visitors, I’d be glad to offer free use of my land to any who wish to camp but have no reservation for their holiday. Having mentioned this to the Access Officer I hope this offer will be made available to any in need, when they book the ferry, arrive or later.

Sincerely, Ulrike Rawson

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