No Decision In Beach Hut Planning Row

On Monday the 28th of November, a public meeting was held in An Talla to decide the fate of the two Beach huts that have been at the centre of a planning row for some months now.

Two beach huts, one at Balevullin and the other at Gott were built by local watersports company Blackhouse Watersports without planning permission and the retrospective planning application which was submitted by Blackhouse Watersports received the recommendation from the planning department that both should be removed.

At the beginning of the meeting we were made aware that the applicants had removed the planning application for the hut at Gott – stating that the structure would be removed by January of 2017, therefore the focus of the meeting would solely be on the application for the remaining Balevullin hut. The meeting was chaired by David Kinniburgh, Helensburgh and Lomond Area Committee and another 6 councillors were present along with representatives from the planning department and the applicant, Iona Larg and her agent Eoghainn MacLean. Both the planning department and the applicant got an opportunity to speak at the meeting.

Tim Williams introduced himself as Area Planning Manager for Oban, Lorn and the Isles and went through a power point of information relating to how they had come to the decision to deny recommend refusal of retrospective planning before the applicant got the opportunity to state their case. Comments were also received from our local Community Council Convener, Dr John Holliday who commented on the recent ballot carried out on the island to determine the community’s view on the planning decision. There was some controversy surrounding the wording of the information sheet and the voting question, which Dr Holliday addressed and acknowledged.

Members of the public were also given the opportunity to speak, as long as they had registered their interest to do so prior to the public meeting and we heard from six supporters and one objector.

The lengthy meeting then went on to hear questions from councillors for both the planning department, applicant and our local community councillor before councillors debated the decision.

After various comments from councillors and an apparent tie in opinions for and against the decision it was decided that the committee should continue consideration of the retrospective planning permission at meeting of the Planning, Protective Services and Licensing Committee on 18 January 2017 to allow Members to seek advice from officers in regard to a competent motion to support approval of the application and to allow for arrangements to be made for any requirement for an Area Capacity Evaluation (ACE).


  • Quite incredible on several fronts!
    One of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in existence has a beach hut plonked in the middle with no planning position and local objections!!!
    The planning department subsequently make a retrospective decision – that the huts were not granted planing consent. Had the planning application been made prior to the erection of the hut the planning would have been rejected and the huts would never have been built!
    Any deviation from this ruling makes a mockery of the planning system and gives the impression to those looking in that there is some minor corruption at play!
    The conversation should be around what happens after the huts are taken down – should they be allowed a mobile business solution at Balevullin similar to the one that was in place for years prior to unilateral decision to erect a business hut on the beach with no regard for the law, local opinion or the views of the visitors that come to Tiree!

  • Given that the hut at the loch has no planning permission and that numerous static caravans on the island have no planning permission for continual occupation… this entire burrach opens up a large can of worms…

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