No Smoke Without Fire

Several weeks ago a bomb was thought to be discovered on Gott beach.

Steph was notified first, who cordoned off the area before notifying the HM Coastguard Rescue Team of Tiree and bomb disposal.

The coastguard were placed in charge of observing the item until the Navy Bomb Disposal Unit arrived on the island on the 8th of June. Traffic was stopped for twenty minutes in both directions at the bend on the corner near the Lodge Hotel and up towards Ruaig Farm to ensure a safe exclusion zone for the detonation.

The item in question was reported to be a smoke marker from an old ship, but the object was disposed of and made safe.

– Rou Worsley

Remember, if you see an item on the beach that you believe to be suspicious, do not touch it, just make a note of its position, then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Photo courtesy of John Gunderson

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