Tiree Airport To Launch New Aircraft Sat-nav System

hialTiree Airport operator HIAL is to introduce a state of the art satellite based navigation system in a move which will give pilots more accurate information about their position as they approach the airport.
The new satellite based system will initially supplement and replace the existing ground based navigational aid and will allow suitably equipped approaching aircraft to lock onto EGNOS, a pan-European satellite navigation system that provides reliable and accurate location information.
The new system will essentially work like a car’s sat-nav system and will enable aircraft fitted with the technology to determine their landing position more accurately. Using a satellite based system has a number of benefits for aircraft operators:

  • Pilots can land in low cloud and poor visibility conditions
  • It reduces the risk of aircraft being diverted elsewhere in the event of poor weather – vital in the case of the Air Ambulance
  • It improves fuel and time efficiency as the new approaches take less time to fly
  • And it reduces the carbon footprint of GPS equipped aircraft

The new satellite based approach system is currently being assessed by the airport regulator, the CAA.
Following a period of aircraft trials, the new system is expected to go live early in 2015.
Donald Morrison HIAL Press Office

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