Tiree Wind & Surf Club and Coll Children’s Club Joint Water Sports Day

Last week saw the young people of Tiree and Coll get to gather to enjoy a day of water related activities and learn some important information about water safety!

The children from Coll arrived for the day on Wednesday and started the day with a lovely lunch at the Cobbled Cow. After lunch it was down to business and the children got the opportunity to learn about water safety, watching a RNLI video on respecting the water and listening to an interesting talk by Tiree Trust Youth Worker Willie McKinnon, covering the dangers and risks of the open sea, something that is very important for children on islands such as Tiree and Coll.

After the classroom bit was over, the children then got the chance to have some fun down at Balephuil. They played some games on the machair before enjoying a boogie boarding session with Gavin Dunlop and John Isaacson of Wild Diamond, who also gave a safety briefing – reiterating and emphasising many of the points that had already been raised throughout the day! Gavin and John were excellent coaches and their enthusiasm helped the children enjoy their day together!

Pictured are the children along with Gavin and John, Willie Mackinnon and Andy Wright of the Tiree Trust and Jim McDowall of the Tiree Wind and Surf Club.

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