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Children’s Behaviour

As an “incomer” to Tiree I haven’t grown up with the ways of the isle and as such I notice things locals take for granted.

On the mainland I worked as a lollipop lady and spent quite a bit of time with children of 6 to 11 and their younger siblings. During this job the children generally fell into three categories:

1. Those that were wonderfully behaved and always said thank you

2. Those easily distracted but well behaved

3. Those who were, shall we say, less than polite.

Today I was at the Tiree High School Gala Day helping my husband man the ice cream stall. May I congratulate all on Tiree for their excellent manners! Not a single type 3 child was seen by myself and I have a new category “Those who are so shy that they whisper in a crowded hall”

The Gala day was wonderful and I am extremely happy to live in such a wonderful community.


Jacqui Bennett

Festive Fun

Following on from the success of the Senior Citizens’ party the young people of  Tiree showed that they too know how to let their hair down and enjoy themselves.
The arrival of Santa bearing wonderful gifts was eagerly anticipated and the highlight for many of the youngsters.
The girls had dressed for the occasion in dresses that sparkled and the boys looked equally smart.
Congratulations and thanks once again to the Parties Committee for all their hard work throughout the year.

Youth on Tiree


I’ve spent the first week or two finding my feet and talking to various groups who I’ll be working with to decide how they can get the most out of the Youth worker position. I’ve also been working on questionnaires which will be issued to the young people in the school to hear what they have to say and what they would like to see happen on Tiree. As well as looking into Youth development and opportunities, I’ll be working with the school, the Youth club, Mothers and Toddlers and Mainly music.

The Youth club will be starting again on the 23rd of November. I will be working with the Youth club every Monday and Wednesday night. This season is looking promising with lots of new ideas and new helpers! We’re also launching the new Ch@ room at the beginning of December. This is a re-launch of the Youth Café, started up by Danny, and will be held every weekend in the Youth club room. It’s a place for young people, ages 14-21 to come and chill out. We’ll be watching movies, playing pool, making toasties.. Etc
And…. We hope to have a bus service home at the end each night, thanks to Angus-John, to save parents coming out into the wild weather late at night! There might be a small charge for this.

If you would like to get in touch with any ideas or questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

Sophie Isaacson Tiree Youth Worker