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Poignant opening of Art Exhibit


The opening of Tiree’s 18th annual summer Art Exhibition was tinged with sadness as tributes were made to the memory of former art teacher Brian Milne.

In his opening address committee member Brian Findlater said that the exhibition began in 1993 and that Brian had worked for it tirelessly for many years. He said that Brian had been a colleague of his at the local school, taught his children art and had also been his next door neighbour.

Mr Findlater, the former science teacher at the school, said:
“Brian is greatly missed by all on the island, not just by those of us on the art committee”.
He also said that Brian’s wife Anne and family were attending a family wedding and were therefore unable to attend the opening night.

The programme carried a dedication to Brian Milne who sadly died last year after a brief illness. It read:
“ For many years Brian gave his time and commitment to the arts on Tiree and he will long be remembered as the principal teacher of art at Tiree High School before his retiral in 2006. Brian inspired young and old with his enthusiasm for the arts and shall be remembered with fondness by all who knew him”.

Mr Findlater also thanked the staff of Rural Centre, the staff of the Cobbled Cow tearoom, Neil Connor, Craig Smith, and Jane Isaacson.

More than 40 paintings and one sculpture are in the exhibition which is being staged in the new cinema at the Rural Centre until August 14. The first exhibit to be sold at the opening was a beautiful oil painting entitled Kenevara by local artist Lesley McLean for £400. Prices for the exhibits range from £35 to £600.