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Tiree Community Development Trust

Tiree Trust LogoCommunity Open Day – Consultation Results

The Community Open Day was held on Saturday 15th June in An Talla, with over 200 people attending throughout the day.

The two main topics of consultation for the Trust were to gain a mandate to investigate the idea of a Community Shop and the idea of a Community Land Buy-Out. The results of the consultation were that 91 supported the study (90%) of a Community Shop and 10 were against it (10%), whilst 66 supported the study (73.5%) of a community land buyout and 24 opposed (26.5%).

The next steps for both projects will be:

1. To form a steering group (see separate advert for steering group members).

2. Form a brief for a feasibility study, with support from the Trust.

3. Present the key findings to the community.

4. Organise a ballot for the community to decide whether or not to proceed.

Update from the Swimming Pool Steering Committee

The Swimming Pool Feasibility Study is now complete and was presented by the Steering Committee at the Community Open Day on Saturday 15th June. The following recommendations will be the next steps that will be taken by the committee:

1. Applications to the Windfall Fund and others are being discussed with the Trust to raise funds to bring a swimming instructor over to Tiree for regular swimming lessons at Loch Bhasapol.

2. With the support of the Trust, we will lobby Argyll and Bute Council to be included in the Sports Pitches and Facilities Strategy (due to be revised in 2015).

3. With the support of the Trust, we will lobby Scottish Swimming to include a Tiree facility in their Facilities Strategy (due to be revised in 2014).

For those of you who were unable to get to the open day and for anyone who would like to read the study then you can access it on the Trust website www.tireetrust.org.uk and follow the link. Hard copies are available to read at the Trust Office. (Core office hours are 10.00 – 15.00 hours Monday to Friday, although there are usually staff in attendance outside of these hours.)

Should you wish to be part of the steering group for the next phase of the project then please contact Will Wright at will@tireefitness.co.uk or call 220421.

In the meantime, Tiree Windsurfing Club are developing a course of swimming lessons at Loch Bhasapol with applications to the Windfall Fund and others for funds to bring a swimming instructor over to Tiree for regular swimming lessons.

Tiree Regatta 2010 Review

Tiree regatta 2010

The morning of Sat 7th Aug, Regatta Day, was no different from most days this summer;
damp, grey and windy. Not very promising, but by noon, the skies had cleared with the wind easing back to a brisk northerly, giving Regatta Day glorious conditions for both sailing and shore events.

The start line was impressive with 13 boats jostling for position, the most Tiree Regatta has had for some years. The boats included the Tiree renovated lugs, Daisy and Morag Anne, and a stunning 26 ft gaff ketch Freya, which had sailed in from Iona the previous evening. Even more impressive was the actual start, with most of the boats making a perfect start. To the non sailors on the shore it was obvious that a very competitive race had begun.

At the 1st mark, a gybe, there was some very aggressive tactical sailing with Angus Maclean’s Catadh Mara taking the perfect inside line forcing Magnus Laird’s Soa to the outside. Spark, the catamaran, was revelling in the brisk conditions, and notwithstanding having to make an additional round of the course, won the Concise Cup.

Tiree regatta Lug boats

The Lugs battled it out with Morag Anne taking the Skippinish Cup just nudging the “all-lady” crewed Passing Cloud on the line. Regrettably 2 of the lugs were forced to retire with jammed rudders which had been caught in creel lines.

Shore-side, Anna Macdonald and Christine Macarthur were having a marathon pillow fight contest. The referee had to call a time-out for everyone, including spectators, to get their breath back, after which Anna and Christine slugged it out to an epic conclusion.

For the Raft Race, the Airport Fire team entered the most radical raft design Tiree had seen for many a day. It was a light alloy monocoque hull with asymmetric outriggers. Alas the conditions on the day did not favour such advanced technology, as on the mark, the raft’s windage caused a capsize, upending the crew, who then had to battle to prevent their raft sailing off, unmanned, to Mull.

The Regatta drew to a close with the traditional Trawler race being fought out in its unique colourful way, viewed closely by many visitors, and Tirisdich, from Skippinish Tour’s Rib, on a high speed cruise around the bay in the warm afternoon sun.

For full results see www.tireeregatta.org.uk

Tiree’s own Ironman

Will Wright

I’m sure many of you will have seen Will Wright whizzing around the island on his bike in recent months! Well all his hard work and dedicated training paid off last weekend when he completed an Ironman distance triathlon with an amazing time and competition placing.

The event was held in Nottingham at the National Water sports centre and consisted of a 2.4 mile Swim (I got very nervous when I couldn’t see the end of the lake!), a 112 mile Bike ride, and a 26.2 mile Run (marathon distance).

Will completed the event in 10 hours 35 minutes exceeding his own expectations of wanting to finish in under 12 hours and came a fantastic 56th out of 750 finishers (roughly a 1000 started but many didn’t complete.)

To add to the occasion the event was 3 days before Will’s 30th birthday and all of his family had made it from different parts of the UK to support and cheer him on including his 90 year old Grandad!

It was a really wonderful weekend and a massive achievement for Will. He had such determination and pushed himself so hard that I nearly burst with pride at the finish line. So I know he will hate me putting this in but I had to say Well Done Wills & a very Happy Birthday!

Becky Wright