Argyll Array Project Update No.13 August 2011

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As I said in my last update, a total of 24 comment forms were returned from the 121 attendees. The general feeling was that the presentation was informative and very well presented. There was a desire expressed for more detail on what benefits the project would deliver for the island as well as concern from some over the visual impact of the wind farm. There were also requests for more information on a variety of topics, particularly regarding onshore impacts. Individual comment sheets could not be reproduced in the last update but a summary was presented of all the points made, under six headings. Generally, each point was made once by one person but where a point was made by more than one person this was indicated. Below are responses to some of the points made.

The points detailed in the last update can’t be responded to all at once, but I will respond to them all over the next few updates.


Desire to see something (e.g. airport upgrade, road resurfacing, economic impact) in return for any negative impacts of the windfarm (SIX COMMENTS)

This was the point most frequently made on the comment sheets. It is also the point most consistently stated by those expressing a view on the proposed development. It’s much more frequently expressed to me than concerns regarding visual impact. As such, the company is addressing the issue as a matter of priority.

Work has already begun to identify the forms such benefit could take. The project is still at an early stage and the right balance has to be struck between being too general and being too specific. We are committed, however, to responsibly discussing potential benefits with the island as soon as they are identified and we would hope to be able to say more about this before the end of the year.

Desire for more detail on fishing impacts

This detail will be provided as a result of the Environmental Impact Assessment which will be carried out over the next 18 months. The potential impact on stocks of fish/shellfish, their spawning, their movements and their habitat, as well as access to the wind farm for fishing boats will all be a major part of the Environmental Statement that will be submitted as part of the planning application to Marine Scotland.

These impacts will also be discussed with affected fishermen prior to the final application being lodged. The way all this will be carried out is detailed in pages 49-56 of the Request for a Scoping Opinion document which was submitted to Marine Scotland last year. A copy is available on the project website at