Cùram and TCC Join Forces

There was a public meeting on Monday 29th September 2014 to share with the Community the progress made by Cùram and the effect the inclusion of the TCC (Tiree Community Council) will have moving forward.
The objective of the meeting was “To obtain input and support from the Community”. The meeting was chaired by Doctor John Holiday, John Bottomley presented the progress made by Cùram and Kate MacCallum explained how the new care delivery system will work.
Although Cùram has made significant progress to date there are restrictions made upon the group which prevent them from sharing their independent view. Joining forces with TCC allows the views and opinions of the Tiree Community to be shared and communicated more openly.
The closure of the Eventide home is not unique to Tiree, it is a National policy with the aim of becoming more efficient which means we need to reform and change the way care is distributed amongst our growing elderly population. The way we will look after our elderly is by caring for them wherever possible in their own homes rather than being institutionalised long before they need round the clock care and attention. We will witness changes to all the Services providing care and support to the Community, Social Work and Nursing Services will be joined as will Carers in the existing care home and the Community Carers.
Cùram is about building up resources in the Community and there will be more reliance on groups like the Tiree Resource Club and Charities. The community meeting provided the forum to share knowledge, ask and answer questions and overall provide a feeling of inclusion. We were asked to provide a show of hands on various topics, such as where the new facility should be built, should the facility have a kitchen, a chapel of rest, medical bed and other pertinent questions. This allowed the two groups to gauge the feelings in the room.
Change is always difficult especially when the subject matter is emotive and Cùram and TCC will work collaboratively to achieve the best outcome possible. We are in good hands, they are passionate individuals who have thoroughly investigated their subject matter. We have voted these individuals onto their respective groups and committees because we believe in their abilities and strength of character and with that foremost in your mind I would urge you to attend the next meeting.
A note to the wise, be part of the discussion, share your views but don’t be dogmatic, be prepared to accept compromise, don’t ask for the earth because Cùram don’t have an ever ending pot of money but they do have Tiree’s best interest at heart. The quicker agreements can be made the sooner the new Progressive Care Home can be built,we need to move swiftly – 2018 is just around the corner and we’ll all be three years older!

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