Fuel Station Update

The contractor completed the below ground works on Monday 29th November. This was the most difficult phase of the works as the underground tanks, the oil/ water interceptor and the soakaway all had to be constructed below the high water table. The contractor lowered the water table on site using de- watering equipment.

Completion of the underground work will allow the site to become cleared of the large excavations and associated plant, allowing the forecourt to be constructed. At our progress meeting with the contractor on Tuesday 23rd of November, we were informed of a supply chain problem which affects several items of equipment. The most significant of these is the control kiosk which the station cannot function without. Delivery is now expected to be the middle of January and, as a consequence the completion date for the station is currently expected to be around the middle of February `22. This is a very frustrating development but there is little that can be done to improve the situation. Some of the perimeter security fencing was recently damaged by high winds leading to concerns for road users. I am pleased to report the contractor responded very promptly and the fence was secured shortly after the alarm was raised with no injuries or damage to property. The winds had sufficient strength to break some of the welds on the fence allowing the panels to infringe on the road.

At the recent Trust AGM the winning shortlist of the naming competition was announced. The winners are:

For the fuel pumps:-

• Fire Me Up (Strubhan Goode – P5)

• Car Juice (Liam Walker – S1)

• Dìosal Dearg (Matthew McDowall – S3)

For the electric vehicle charging point:-

• Sradag (Blythe Wright – P5)

For the station name which will be in both English and Gaelic:-

• Crossapol Fuel Station and Stèisean Connaidh Chrosapol (from a shortlist of three names proposed by the schools)

Well done to each of the winners and a very big thank you to all the school staff who ran the competition and especially to all those pupils who suggested the list of great names. Thanks also to Ian Smith who provided the Gaelic translation for the station name.