Ringside Theatre Project – Update

film clapper

Way back in November 2009 we were all encouraged to cast our votes in the people’s Millions Competition, in the hope of winning a substantial cash award so that the ringside at the Rural Centre could be modified so it could be used as a warm comfortable cinema for proper shows.

In December we announced that the Ringside Theatre Project had been awarded a grand sum of just over £43,000 to help achieve this. Now three months later we are pleased to say that work at the Rural Centre has now begun.

Over the last few days the Auction Ring has been altered allowing it to be removed from the area while a film is being shown. The next stage is to insulate and draught proof the auction room to make it a place that can be heated. This should take ten – eleven weeks. With-in that time scale the comfy seating that has been ordered will hopefully arrive, ready for installation and blinds will be hung to block out Tiree’s famous sunshine.

In the near future, a film society will be set up to organise, select and run the films. Then we can buy a ticket, sit back in our comfy seats, hopefully with tubs of popcorn, and enjoy the show.

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