Tiree Community Council – January Meeting

This month’s meeting covered a wide range of topics, from broadband and transport to education – all translated into Gaelic by our wonderful interpreter Iain MacIlleChiar. The meeting was well attended by the public, with Cllr Patience sending his apologies. Broadband has been a notable item on the agenda for quite some time now; the Scottish Government’s R100 voucher scheme promises superfast broadband for everyone in Scotland by the end of 2021. Rhoda Meek gave a presentation on the island’s current situation, and hopes for service provision in the future, on behalf of Tiree Broadband. The importance of connectivity and the opportunities it can offer to individuals and local businesses and services was discussed at length, but gaps in the Scottish Government’s R100 scheme could mean that not everyone may benefit from the scheme as intended. It was decided that representatives from Tiree Community Council and Tiree Broadband will meet to further discuss the R100 initiative and decide upon a strategy for contacting our representatives, to ensure that the island’s concerns are addressed.

In a similarly digital vein, Councillors voted to approve a new Scheme of Establishment, published by Argyll and Bute Council, to allow continued use of digital meeting technology. This decision was taken in light of significantly increased rates of attendance and engagement at public meetings via Zoom. It was agreed that our AGM will be held

in person, with the possibility of an additional public meeting held in this way if there is interest. The discussion on transport covered the disruption to the CalMac ferry service as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic – TCC can confirm that the temporary timetable has since been extended until at least the 6th of February. For Tiree, this means that the Sunday sailing will remain cancelled, but other services should run as scheduled unless you are informed otherwise. Cllr Patience has put together a response on TCC’s behalf to the Scottish Government’s Aviation Strategy consultation. TCC were also contacted to comment on proposed changes to Loganair’s service provision, with the possibility of changes to the service in the coming weeks. Dr. Holliday reached out to key stakeholders in the community – including the airport and surgery –

in his capacity as chair to inform the Community Council’s response. We were joined by a few new faces from other communities within Argyll and Bute, who made valuable contributions to the discussion of Argyll and Bute Council’s Education Change Programme. Our neighbours kindly offered to link up with community councillors and representatives of the Parent Council after the meeting to share information and resources. Dr. Holliday and Iona attended the meeting of the Parent Council the following evening, to discuss the proposed consultation measures and to gain further insight into the consultation process and options being discussed. In light of this meeting and the possible outcomes discussed, TCC have decided to postpone consultation until possible outcomes for our community are clarified by Argyll and Bute Council.

General information was shared about the extension of Argyll and Bute Council’s Shopfront Improvement Scheme, which has been shared on our Facebook page – if you do not use Facebook, you can still view this post via the widget on our website. It was also noted that following a communication from a member of the public, there is now a link to Argyll and Bute council’s planning portal on TCC’s website, for ease of finding, and instructions on how to join the planning mailing list, which can also be found on the website by following the link.