Tiree Community Council – Meeting and AGM

June’s meeting doubled as an AGM, featuring reports from the Convenor and Treasurer on the Council’s work and finances from the past two years due to COVID disruption of last year’s proceedings.

All councillors were present for the AGM, which was also well-attended by the public. Dr. Holliday was unanimously reappointed as Convenor. Following Cllr Meyer’s standing down as Secretary, Cllr Reid was appointed to this role. Cllr Clark stood down both as Treasurer and from her role as a Community Councillor. TCC would like to thank Alison for her hard work and contributions; she will be missed by all of us. Cllr McGoogan was then appointed to fill the role of Treasurer. The business meeting then went ahead, with Cllr Reid giving her apologies.

Advertisement of the Dentist vacancy; the community phone box project and necessary repairs to the remaining BT-owned phone box at Baugh were discussed under minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising.

Under correspondence, it was agreed that Cllr Meyer would respond to a consultation from the Scottish Government on the role of local place plans. Local place plans were introduced in the recent Planning (Scotland) Act of 2019 and aim to give communities an active role in the planning process and development of their local area. Such plans should interact positively with existing national and community frameworks, including the Tiree Growth Plan, and therefore TCC intend to respond with their support.

Cllr McGoogan gave a detailed report on Transport, including vacancies on the CalMac Community Board and the potential for greater representation of the islands within this role. The importance of island representation on the board was seconded by Argyll and Bute Councillor Mary-Jean Devon, who was also in attendance.

It was decided that the consultation on TCC’s planning policy should be extended to reflect the delay in its publication, for which the councillors involved sincerely apologise. The online consultation was extended until Wednesday the 23rd of June, with opportunity for members of the public to give detailed feedback on the draft policy document. A further public meeting of the planning subcommittee was held on Wednesday the 16th of June, where the draft policy was presented with opportunity for members of the public to ask questions and give informed feedback. Following the consultation, the planning subcommittee will meet again in July to discuss the result and vote on potential amendments to the draft document before a vote of the full council on the final version.

Cllr McGoogan also reported on the progress of the community garden project. At the time of the meeting, an application had been made to the Argyll and Bute Supporting Communities Fund but the outcome had not been verified. The award has since been confirmed as £2,400. This ‘seed’ funding will be put towards materials for raised beds and the general repurposing of the area near Pier View into a fully functional community space.