Update From Hynish Heritage Village

The Hynish Heritage Village project is coming on in bounds, and with the increased activity we wanted to share an update with the community.

Relocation of the Hebridean Trust office to Tiree

The Hebridean Trust administration and registered office has now relocated to its new home in Hynish. Previously it had been led from Oxford: but the trustees have made this move to really engrain the centre within the social and economic structure of the Tiree community and maximise the use as a resource.

This is a really positive, and exciting step as it marks the start of more opportunities – future jobs, and a real hub of the future for local residents and to attract tourism. Volunteers donating their time, and skills We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity, and true Tiree spirit of the volunteers who have, and are continuing to support us to realise the potential of the area.

Some of the work they have volunteered on includes improving the pathways, the pier, painting, generally tidying up the site, and new office set up. It’s looking impressive – thank you to you all. John MacKinnon Builders have also been invaluable. They did the original restoration work, and have generously given their time over the past few weeks to restore the doors, windows and buildings. A huge thank you to them for not only donating their time, but also for helping to retain the charm of the buildings.

Jenn Mackinnon has found time in her busy schedule (a full time job and a mum of 2) to give her time to help us with our marketing and social media. Thank you Jenn.

If you would like to get involved we’d love to hear from you – whether it’s manual, or admin support you can offer.

Donation towards The Stables

The Hebridean Trust continues its charitable purpose, and we will encourage our regular groups to return to Tiree in the future. As a charity we always welcome donations, which go towards the upkeep of the buildings, exhibitions and to subsidise the trips on offer to disadvantaged young people – to create a memorable and special experience.

We’ve recently received generous donations, specifically to be used on renovating The Stables into luxury self-catering accommodation for 2 people. A huge thank you to the donors. We’re aiming to have this ready to launch mid-September this year.

Heritage Lottery Fund

We’ve successful secured Heritage Lottery Funds to enable us to do a number of short-term repairs, maintenance and conservation. We will be looking to source various trades and expertise from the island, if possible, to help us with this project. If you have any capacity between now and the end of October (deadline date for the project completion) we would love to hear from you. We can give you a brief of what needs done and we would ask you for a quotation and timings in line with our procurement policy. Here is a list of what we need:

? Plastering

? Plumbing

? Painting (internal and external)

? Conservation Building work

? Electrical work

? Digital Media/Creating a Virtual Tour

? COVID Recovery Plan

? Laying Flooring

? Chimney Sweep

? Landscaping

It’s an exciting time, and we look forward to sharing more progress in the coming months. If you have any questions please contact Fiona on 018792 20730 or email info@hebrideantrust.org