Dolphin Rescue

white beaked dolphin

On Tuesday 15th January, the Tiree BDMLR medic group were tasked to the live stranding of a believed porpoise.

When we arrived on scene it was actually found to be a white beaked dolphin. Although an unusual event, this has occurred in the past when three of the same species stranded on Tiree.

Once on scene the training previously delivered by the British Divers Marine Life Rescue truly kicked in, and with assistance from fellow medics and members of the public, we successfully managed to re-float the dolphin using learned techniques, which enable us to help the animals effectively with minimum stress. As we assisted the dolphin it was almost as if it knew we were trying to help!

The BDMLR is an organisation dedicated to the rescue and wellbeing of all marine animals in distress around the UK. If you see a marine animal that you believe to be in distress around our coast you can call on the BDLMR on 01825 765546 after which a local medic will be called to assist.

Please note, in the case of some seals and seal pups it is natural for this species to leave their young for periods of time and in some cases human intervention can do more harm than good, however if you are unsure, call the above number and someone will be happy to advise. Many thanks Donald Brown for reporting the dolphin, and to everyone who arrived on scene.

Special thanks to fellow medics Margaret Worsley and Mike Archer, and to Jack Lockhart for literally jumping in at the deep end to help!

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