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A letter in the last edition of An Tirisdeach has prompted many comments, mainly verbal, but here are some responses that came into the office either by post or e-mail. As ever your views are important and we aim to give you the chance to express your opinions through the pages of the newsletter.

We ,as a family, would like to reply to Offshore View regarding his/her comments about An Turas.

Brian was always very diligent in his maintenance of the building and it was only last summer when diagnosed with a terminal illness that even his passion for An Turas had to take a back seat.

It is a great pity that Offshore View lacked the courage to put his/her name to their letter. Perhaps he/she is one of these people who find it very easy to criticize what others do for Tiree without actually doing anything themselves.

The Milne family Anne, Nathan, Adam and Hana

Don’t Judge a book by its cover!

Last weekend I went to the Scarinish Hotel with my parents and had a really excellent experience.

We had drinks and ordered our meals in the lovely renovated upper lounge with an amazing view and comfortable armchairs, then we were called down when our food was ready.

The food and service was great thanks to their new chef and waiting staff and was a reasonable price with the 20% April discount and complimentary coffees in the upper lounge to finish off the evening.

Just thought I’d let people who might have had some reservations know the experience I had. Thank you,

Becky Wright

In response to the letter in the last edition of An Tirisdeach regarding the condition of the area from the Pier to Scarinish – I am proud of our Island and glad that I am able to live on Tiree but sadly find myself in agreement with the thought behind the letter from Offshore View, however there are numerous untidy areas all around the Island and perhaps we should all take a little more responsibility for, and pride in, the appearance of our surroundings..

By E-mail.

And on another matter

Could someone please enlighten us as to the situation regarding caravans and camper vans on Tiree?

We were reliably informed that a system had been put in place that would require all visitors with said vehicles to pre-book a place on a designated campsite. The visitor season seems to be well underway and caravans and camper vans can be seen across the island on the machair and in the dunes.

When, if at all, is the system going to be enforced and is this system legally enforceable or does it rely on the goodwill of the tourist?

G. Walker

Editor’s note – A new access officer has recently been appointed and started work this week(Monday 12th). We have asked if he will come into the office for a chat and
hopefully we will be able to give an update on the situation in the next edition.


  • RE: Scarinish Midden. In reply to the many letters received by An Tirisdeach

    Firstly, to the Milne family Anne, Nathan, Adam and Hana

    Humbly and with total sincerity, the current state of An Turas is questionable, not its previous condition prior to Brian’s Illness. I am well aware of how diligent and professional Brian was about the maintenance of the An Turas sculpture and that has never been in question. It is a sad fact that without his diligence and professionalism; anyone can see that the current state of affairs is a great shame…it is necessary is for somebody else to step up to the table (council or public) and show the same great enthusiasm for the structure that Brian did.

    To the person who raised the issue about the ‘Excellent experience in the Scarinish’…

    You are completely right it is an amazing view looking out… but you have misread or misunderstood, the lively vibrant pub was never upstairs in the newly decorated lounge, it has always been in the bar and the ground floor area…take a look for yourself and tell me the bar is a welcoming place, have a look in the bar toilets… I have also never in the many years I have lived on Tiree questioned the quality of the staff or the service, many of the current and past staff are friends and as I point out in my letter ‘ It saddens me and many others (including employees of the hotel) at the loss of the Scarinish Hotel as a ‘nice place to visit’ a nice Island pub…

    My direct assault was on the current aesthetic midden, as in ‘looking at’ the hotel in Scarinish, the collecting junk along Pier rd, the danger the old boat shed presents, the fact that even against SEPA regs untreated sewage often flows (a fact SEPA are well aware of) over the road and car park, the fact that gas bottles are seen rolling around in the wind and the fact that the fence on the car park will eventually fall over if not maintained.

    There are, as so rightly pointed out, other sites scattered around the island that need addressing. Argyll Estates have gone to great lengths to address several long standing ‘black spots’ and I could have continued…in fact I had planned to. However, firstly I didn’t realise so many people were affected by the current state of affairs and secondly, I now already see an improvement in one of the areas I highlighted, so hopefully the message will get through…

    As a person who supports many of the progressive projects on the island, I feel I do not need to justify my thoughts with a name. Who amongst us does not notice a visual midden and the very same though of ‘I wish I could do something to get rid of it ?’ or ‘what an eyesore’, pops into your head…even if a letter is all you are willing to do, it is something .

    Light blue touch paper and stand well back.

    With all due respect

    Offshore View

  • I cannot agree enough that the state of the ‘Eyesore’ that is the Tiree Scarinish hotel, is a complete disgrace.
    From a visitor to the islands point of view it has so much potential but is just a dumping ground, very run down and to be honest if it was raised to the ground tomorrow it would not be soon enough.
    There will always be people who will defend their small efforts to do a bit of this and a bit of that, but clearly their efforts go to waste and at the end of the day unnoticed.

    Even if the hotel and surrounding areas was to be cleaned up and refurbished the spillage of aggressive and arrogant locals into the carpark of a friday and Saturday night, scuffling around the carpark would be enough to make any visitor check out!

    In my stay, I went into the bar after my meal to be stared at by drunk cross eyed locals, as if I had horns growing out of my head.
    I would be completely embarassed to reccomend the place to stay and as for the view from the ferry terminal………lets not go there.

    The island, as much as its advertised to be friendly and blah blah, is not all its cracked up to be and why on earth can people, who do not wish to see the freak show that is the Scarinish hotel, not camp in their vans on the sand dunes or wherever the heck they like, what harm are they doing???

  • Having read most of the comments addressed about the state of the Scarinish hotel and as a regular visitor (3 times a year for the past 8) can i point out that, yes, the Scarinish hotel is in need of renovation,and the work has already started.
    As for the locals, i find Joe Bloggs comments about them very offensive. My wife and i have made many friends there over the years and they are always friendly and welcoming, that’s why we return year after year.
    As for the comment about “camper vans on the sand dunes or wherever they like” that is a comment that i feel is made from someone that has no respect for the island. What about the damage these vans do to the sand dunes and surrounding area? what about the litter these people leave? Tiree is a very small island with traditional values that can do without these type of people coming over and polluting the great island.
    What we have to remember is that this is their way of life, respect and embrace it, or do not visit. Just like the Vuvuzela in the world cup, accept it as part of the culture or do not listen/watch. Why is Tiree any different?? go to Spain or Turkey or whatever, but keep your negative comments to yourself please.
    Roll on July for two weeks of fresh unpolluted air, clear blue water, glorious sunshine, and white sands, oh and the local Scarinish bar 🙂
    John Melville from Dundee.

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