After public consultation, the votes are in on implementing a scheme for motor homes/campervans visiting Tiree, which would ensure that the number of these vehicles arriving on the Island would be restricted to the number of overnight parking sites available for them.

The public vote found an overwhelming majority in favour of this scheme.
The aim of the scheme is to provide designated legal overnight parking places away from the sensitive machair land. June and July 2009 saw a 154% increase in the number of these units coming to Tiree, compared to the same months in 2008 and this trend is expected to continue next year.

The erosion caused by the increase in vehicles is visible across the island and the overnight parking scheme is part of an island-wide access programme, which aims to prevent further deterioration of these sites.

Included in this programme are plans to provide improved access tracks and parking, better facilities and improved signage/ interpretation in order to improve the visitor experience whilst at the same time protecting the islands natural and cultural heritage.
The aim is to provide enough designated legal overnight parking places for all motorhomes and campervans visiting the island. To achieve this we are looking for the co-operation of crofters and land managers on Tiree to provide suitable sites on fenced croft land. This would give crofters the opportunity to generate extra income over the summer months by receiving a nightly fee from the customer.

Argyll and Bute Council planning department have stated that a crofter can site three vehicles per croft between April and October without seeking planning permission. All that is required would be a dry level area of ground with easy road access, clear of farm implements and livestock. It is planned that a central waste disposal and water collection site will be available to visitors, as it is not feasible to have these facilities on every croft. It is also hoped that all reservations would be made through a central booking system on the island.

If you are interested in providing an overnight parking site and would like to discuss the matter further please contact Alison Spence on 07765449487 or email [email protected]. If unavailable, please leave your contact details.

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