Tiree Memories

Neil_DuncanLast week, I shared the above photo on Facebook and it received a great deal of interest.

The photo, taken by Fay McDiarmid, of Neil and Duncan MacKinnon (the Twins) from Balephuil had initiated a ‘thread’ of stories regarding the numerous characters that once lived in Balephuil. Stories of Eilidh Sheumais, Bean MhicAidh, Seamas na Cròige and, of course, the Twins, were shared and, after a suggestion from Andy Wright, I decided to start a Facebook group where people could share old photos and memories of the island.

Tiree Memories now has over 650 members and many old photos, videos and stories have been shared on the page. I’ve decided to share some of these photos and stories in each edition of An Tirisdeach, in the hope that those without Facebook will get as much enjoyment out of the photos as the many with Facebook have.

This week, it is only fitting that we start off with the inspiration behind the group, and that is this photo of the Twins on their way to gather whelks. The Twins were famous for their great sense of humour and, many stories concerning Neil and Duncan are still heard today. I’m sure many of you will have some great memories of the Twins; they are certainly sorely missed, not only in Balephuil, but throughout the island as a whole.



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