Tiree Ultra-Marathon

ultramarathon_routeWith one week to go before the first Tiree Ultramarathon, we wanted to share a story that has driven two runners to take on the challenge of running around this island.

Over 60 runners will be on the start line, and I hope that as a community we can cheer and support them in whatever way we can, and show them what a great place Tiree is, as they run, jog and walk those 35 miles.

Event Basics:

· Starting at Sandaig it’s a 35 mile run anti-clockwise around the island

· The course follows established walking routes, beaches, roads and tracks

· There’s relay teams as well as individual entries

· Many local residents have risen to the challenge

· We need volunteers on the day, and any donations for spot prizes

More details, course maps and entry information can be found at www.tireefitness.co.uk If you would like to help out, and support the event, contact Will on 220421 or go on the Tiree Fitness website.

And now, if you need inspiration, if you need a reason to keep going when it gets tough – here’s Anita’s reason for running:

“My challenge is to run 35 miles along the coastline of Tiree. Can I do it?? Well I hope I can, and helping me along the way is my bestie & fabulous coach (who is slightly crazier than me) Tracey, who has done some amazing challenges over the last few years. I think getting me to the finishing line on Tiree without too many tears is her biggest one yet!!

My motivation along the way is to raise some money in memory of a gorgeous little boy called Axel. I am fundraising for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Charity (CDH UK).

Friends of ours, Claire and Mervyn, had a beautiful son Axel, brother to Olivia and Kash, born on 5th February 2014. Axel was born with CDH and spent his life in Yorkhill Children’s Hospital in Glasgow.

Axel was born with his liver high up in his chest, gallbladder, small intestine and then his kidney. This made it difficult for his lungs to develop during pregnancy. At birth he needed ventilated straightaway and was rushed to Yorkhill Hospital to be put on life saving treatment. He was able to have repair operations performed on his ward as he was too sick to move. The hole in his diaphragm was so big it was repaired with a Gore-Tex patch.

Unfortunately CDH can lead to other issues after the repair. Axel’s right lung was extremely small, he suffered problems with pulmonary hypertension, blood clots, infections, required ventilation and had operations to try and resolve a chylothorax. Sadly after 100 days of battling, Axel passed away on the 16th May 2014. A very brave wee soldier with extremely brave strong parents. Sleep tight gorgeous xxx

CDH is common in the UK (1 in 2500), but is a condition I had never heard of before and I would like to help raise awareness and support the fantastic work that the charity do. CDH UK will continue to be a huge support to Claire and her wonderful family. Please help me support this charity by sponsoring me in my run around Tiree.” See more at: http://www.mycharitypage.com/ultramarathonanita


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