Tish Celebrates Ruby Anniversary At The Helm of Tiree Airport

Congratulations are in order to Tish MacKinnon, who recently celebrated her ruby anniversary working at the helm of the airline’s operation here on the Isle of Tiree.

Her father, the late Archie MacArthur, headed up the airport between 1960 and 1990 as an employee of British Airways (back then it was British European Airways). Tish’s first visit to her father’s work place took place days after she was born in Glasgow and arrived back to Tiree with her mother and grandmother – she still owns the original ticket written by Archie for the trip to Glasgow Airport.

Her official duties began in 1979 when she stepped in as holiday cover for her father during term breaks while completing a childcare course in Langside College, Glasgow. Father and daughter shared duties for 11 years – where Archie famously worked the morning of Tish’s wedding that had been deliberately timed for Archie to meet the flight packed with wedding guests while Tish prepared for her big day.

After Archie’s retirement in 1990, Tish was promoted to Senior Customer Service Manager which is responsible for Loganair’s operation on the island, which welcomed around 12,000 passangers last year.

“It’s a really rewarding job and the fact I’ve been in post for 40 years shows how much I enjoy it. The air service is really important to residents of Tiree, used by locals going on holiday or to visit relatives, but also for trips to hospital, weddings, honeymoons and occasionally even funerals.” said Tish, “One of my favourite perks is being the first person to meet newborn babies as they arrive back on the island after leaving hospital in Glasgow, which is actually the exact journey I took whenever I first arrived in the world and when I gave birth to my three children. I’ve also met lots of celebrities, politicians, nobility and musicians who visit Tiree throughout the year.”

“Things have definitely changed quite a bit since I first started but Loganair ensures I’m fully trained in all the rules and regulations around aviation as well as the various technologies which are now essential to the role. With the number of customers passing through the airport increasing yearly – as Tiree’s popularity continues to grow amongst tourists, I look forward to welcoming visitors to the island for many years to come.”

Kay Ryan, Loganair’s commercial director said:

“I’d like to extend a huge congratulations to Tish, from everyone at Loganair, for such an amazing service record with the company. Tish is the face of the airline in Tiree, often the first person to greet visitors from around the world while also supporting the local community with all of their travel plans. Her knowledge and passion for the job is fantastic and I can only thank Tish who is an integral part of the Loganair family.”

We will be interviewing Tish for People of Tiree in our next issue; watch this space!

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