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letter to the editorOver a year ago you printed a letter from me regarding struggles with broadband connection in parts of Balevullin/Hough.

At the time, along with Lorna MacDonald, I was requesting support to engage the interest of BT in waking up to their poor service in parts of the island, Tiree Broadband having frozen their list. Interestingly we engaged some 23 interested parties but got nowhere with BT. I even had contact from other folk on the island who said they were using Plusnet for example in their own ‘remote’ part of the island. People were so helpful but sadly Plusnet, along with BT still could not support me.

Then, this year a solution came along. Tiree Broadband started to upgrade their service (Balevullin being early on their list) and opened their list again.

One phone call this July and within 4 days the guys were up at the house in Balevullin sorting out a very good broadband connection for me.

I want to thank those who made contact to support us last year and to suggest those still struggling make contact with Tiree Broadband. Yes the big companies are cheaper but they just cannot offer such a good local and responsive service. Moran Taing to all those who attempted to give us support last year and to Tiree Broadband!

Pearl Brown

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  • Thanks to Tiree Broadband I am now able to talk, write and sometimes see my Balevullin family on a regular basis. I personally cannot thank you guys enough for improving not only Lornas communication with the outside world…but the quality of my life while working overseas in Basra…

    Sincere thanks


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