Price Change Commentary


The price of An Tirisdeach increased with the last edition. Many of you have shared your views on these changes but requested not to be named. Your comments have been passed to the Directors allowing an opportunity to reply

An Tirisdeach hopes to provide a response in the next edition.


Cost Increase

As the paper cost has increased why is An Tirisdeach not in colour?

It is difficult to see who are in the pictures when they are in black and white.

Why was the increase not enough to make sure it was in colour?

It’s a community paper, so why can’t the Community have An Tirisdeach in colour unless we take out an annual online subscription?

I buy An Tirisdeach in the co-op, there’s no postage costs, why can’t I have it in colour?

I used to enjoy the RSPB article when it was in colour, the black and white pictures are drab.

Online Subscription

I love having my online An Tirisdeach without leaving the house.

I am enjoying reading my online An Tirisdeach with a cup of coffee and it’s in colour.

I don’t want to have An Tirisdeach online, I like to pick it up and read it a wee bit at a time.

We read An Tirisdeach and pass it around the family. We encourage the children to discuss topical issues, we can’t do that with an online subscription.

I don’t want the newsletter online, I want to read An Tirisdeach with a cup of tea.

I don’t have the Internet.

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