Response to Colville Laird Letter (issue 579)


At present we don’t know what difference it will make.

Tiree Broadband is delighted that Marine Scotland gave BT a licence to lay fibre optic cable to the island, but as reported to the recent Trust AGM, BT has not yet decided how they will deliver the service beyond the tower in Scarinish, even to their own Broadband customers. They are still developing the technology and there are various options being considered.

Tiree Community Broadband is actively lobbying BT to try to ensure that they deliver a level of service that will benefit the whole island. There are likely to be some areas of Tiree beyond the reach of the new fibre services.

Tiree Broadband plans to continue serving those who would be otherwise disadvantaged by this failure in the telecoms market. We should be in a position to offer faster services to our customers due to the improvements in internet back haul that fibre connectivity brings. Exactly what Tiree Broadband can deliver and where depends on the decisions that BT makes about its fibre rollout on Tiree.

In the meantime we will continue to deliver the best service that we can to our subscribers given the financial and infrastructure constraints upon us.

Tiree Broadband Committee

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