Rubbish Dumping

I read with interest the Tiree Community Council update published in issue 659.

With regard to the paragraph on rubbish dumping and refuse collection, there is indeed a problem which has to be addressed.

The suggestion however that a commercial uplift for all holiday houses be made compulsory is inequitable. Not all second home owners let their homes and it is the multiple let properties which cause the problem.

Graeme Lees, Greenhill.


  • Bjarne J Sutherland

    We are planning a trip to Tiree, and I wonder if there are a system for plastic recycling on the island. If we, while exploring, collect rubbish that drift in from the sea, is there somewhere we can deliver it?
    I was considering making it a contest for the kids (and adults) to see who could collect the most.

  • Hi Bjarne,
    I have passed this info on to Stephanie, the ranger on Tiree.
    She’ll be more than happy to let you know your options I’m sure

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