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Looking Back At Tiree

Scarinish harbour

Continuing our series looking back at old photographs of people and places on Tiree. This week we have a photo of The ‘Mary Stuart’ beached in Scarinish harbour in 1938. The Scarinish Hotel is on the extreme left, with communication masts in the background to the right.

Image courtesy of An Iodhlann and Angus Maclean

Looking Back At Tiree

old post office workers

The postmistress and postmen at Scarinish Post Office in 1919.

There is something about old photographs that attracts everyone, you may not know all or any of the people in the picture but you can’t resist looking.

The hats, the clothes, posture and body language take us back to a place in time that some of us can remember whilst others can only catch a glimpse of through the photo.

Over the next few months we will be publishing some pictures courtesy of An Iodhlann, if anyone can provide the names of anyone that hasn’t yet been identified please lat us know here at the Business Centre and we will pass the information on and print an update in future issues.

In the picture from left to right are:
(standing) Archibald MacLean, ‘Bayview’, Scarinish; Donald MacDougall, Kilmoluaig;
(in carriages) Hugh Lamont, Ruaig; Mary MacNeill; Jack Munn, Heanish; John MacDougall, vet;Margaret Robertson, Scarinish (postmistress); unknown; unknown.

Image courtesy of An Iodhlann

Letters plea for ancestry help

The first regarding a Tiree schoolhouse

Dear Editor,
My name is Brian Harris and I am trying to find out more information about a Tiree School House in 1941.

My relatives, Erik and Leah Naslund stayed in the house. Erik was in the Merchant Navy and they had three children Erik, Jacqueline, and Dudley who was born in the School House in October 1941.

We are hoping to visit Tiree soon, and I am trying to find where the School House they lived in was, and whether it still exists. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

Please contact the Editor if you have any information about the house and the family so this can be forwarded to Brian.

The second is a plea from Australia

Dear Editor,
I am currently researching Scottish Australian Heritage/History and Ancestry and I am very keen to have information from anyone in the community about the Scottish roots of those who came to Australia, especially as it’s the bicentenary of Australian Governor MacQuarrie in 2010, who of course is one of the most prominent Scotsmen that most people here have heard about.

I feel it is very important to collate this information soon while some of the history is still in living memory or has been passed down the family either orally or written, along with any information about their family ancestry names/dates etc.

Also any family stories about the places the families came from in Scotland, the boats they left on, journey stories and early pioneer days in Australia. All the information gathered will be passed on to Clan organisations in Australia and Scotland.

I myself am descended from the Mclaurins, Stewarts, Bruce and Hunter Clans and am directly related to Robert the Bruce -he was my 21 generation great grandfather and before him all the ancient Kings of Scotland. I am actively involved with the Clans in Australia with many friends and of course relatives in many of them.

I am very keen to try to build a database with Scottish Australian History which will be also recorded with any of the Clan groups or societies any of the community members are related to.
Thankyou best wishes Trevor Smurthwaite

If anyone can help Trevor, he can be contacted directly at the address below or via the An Tirisdeach Office.

Trevor Smurthwaite
122 Goldmark Crescent
Cranebrook Sydney NSW2749
[email protected]
[email protected]