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Tiree Tech Wave ~ March 17th-21st

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In a month’s time the island will host an event where designers, computer geeks, academics and professionals will come for a long weekend of making devices and hacking technology. If you pass by the rural centre you may find a motley array of soldering irons, keyboards, coloured wires and probably the odd rubber band.

As the name suggests, this was inspired by the Wave Classic, which brings world-class surfers to the island each year. In a similar fashion, the Tech Wave aims to bring some of the most innovative technical minds in universities and industry. The event was also inspired by the way the islands were one of the havens of learning during the dark ages, and I hope that those coming will find space to work and think away from the normal pressures of life, but also that they will bring some of the excitement of leading edge technology to the island.

You are all invited to a ‘ show and tell’ open evening on the final day to see what has been produced, to see how they work, and, if you would like, to try your hand at some of the techniques used. In addition, I’ll be looking for a few volunteers earlier in the weekend to tell the participants about aspects of island life and I hope inspire them to do some island-related mini-projects.

For this first event we are having a maximum of 30 participants, but at present no idea whether it will be three or thirty! However, if it is successful we will repeat the event, possibly twice a year in just-out-of-season times.