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Tiree’s Annual Art Exhibition Opens Doors

Tiree’s annual art exhibition opened its doors at 7pm at Baugh Church on July the 2nd.

The opening night held a marvellous atmosphere with people excited to see the show. Miss Norma Omand was the Guest of Honour, opening the 24th Exhibition with a wonderful speech. She said, “Having always looked forward to seeing the art work submitted to the annual art exhibition myself, I was delighted to be invited to open this year’s exhibition. I am always amazed at the talent and confidence of the exhibitors who are prepared to put their work on display for others to admire, comment on and purchase! As a native of Tiree, it is no surprise to me that people are inspired to produce works of art…but the way each individual chooses to interpret the colours and places I know so well is always something I enjoy. This year is no exception and it is always pleasing to see works from new contributors as well as those who regularly exhibit.”

Though missing a few“faithfuls” this year due to various reasons, the exhibition was happy to welcome new faces to the event. High quality, interesting work was put on display, with this years pieces providing an energetic, almost ‘Mediterranean-fresh’ vibe within the heavenly vibe space of the church, which is the perfect setting for the expression of the island’s artistic talents. Shona would like to give special thanks to Bear (without whom it would not have happened); the Baugh Church Leaders, Liz Kerr, Norma Omand, Neil Connor, the artists, Maya Sutherland, the Co-Op staff, loyal crew of “Show-Sitters”, her daughter Daisy Johnston for being her “Emily” on the opening night and of course, the general public.

“Thank you so much and I really do hope you love Tiree Art Enterprises 2018 Summer Show as much as I do,” – Shona Johnston.

The Tiree Art Exhibition is open every day through July , except Friday and Sunday, between 1pm- 4pm and everyone is welcome. This years donation box is for Miss Maya Sutherland who will be traveling to Cambodia via Project Trust to teach English to children. Please note that the Exhibition will close for 5 days from the 30th of July to allow a prior church commitment to take place, but will resume as normal afterwards. It finishes on the 11th of August at 4pm. All work should be collected then.

Pebble Mosaic Leaves a Lasting Impression On Tiree

A colourful mosaic made out of painted Tiree pebbles has been put in position at Crossapol play park.

Local children painted the stones with colours and images they associated with life on Tiree, and the structure was assembled beautifully by landscape gardener, Cameron Smith. The mosaic will now leave a lasting impression at the play park, to be admired by locals and visitors alike.

Many thanks go out to ACHA, Tiree Community Business, Tiree Trust, and local contractors for making this project possible.

2014 Fringe Schools Poster Competition

erin_shortlist_posterIn an amazing achievement, Erin has been shortlisted from 3,400 participants to exhibit her work at Edinburgh’s ‘Museum of Childhood’ on the Royal Mile from 23 May until 25 August – make it a date if you can.

Further details can be found online at: https://www.edfringe.com/about-us/poster from 22 May.

The Fringe Schools Poster Competition is one of the longest-running arts outreach projects in Scotland. It was launched in 1980 and since then over 100,000 young people aged from 5 – 16 across Scotland have put their artistic and creative talents to the test to create a poster that reflects what the Fringe means.

Each year, the shortlisted posters are displayed in a special exhibition in Edinburgh throughout the summer. The winning design becomes the official poster for that year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe and is used for a range of merchandise, from postcards and magnets to mugs and t-shirts.

Shona Johnston the Art Teacher said, I really enjoy offering this competition to pupils as it is a particularly ideal Curriculum for Excellence project covering all bases. The competition is a valuable teaching aid and experience for all of our pupils from 5 – 16. The pupils love it – a real design brief with excellent resources available and the incentive to win money. It is a project I always look forward to working on.

Thank you and well done to all who took part. Erin, take a bow!

Poignant opening of Art Exhibit


The opening of Tiree’s 18th annual summer Art Exhibition was tinged with sadness as tributes were made to the memory of former art teacher Brian Milne.

In his opening address committee member Brian Findlater said that the exhibition began in 1993 and that Brian had worked for it tirelessly for many years. He said that Brian had been a colleague of his at the local school, taught his children art and had also been his next door neighbour.

Mr Findlater, the former science teacher at the school, said:
“Brian is greatly missed by all on the island, not just by those of us on the art committee”.
He also said that Brian’s wife Anne and family were attending a family wedding and were therefore unable to attend the opening night.

The programme carried a dedication to Brian Milne who sadly died last year after a brief illness. It read:
“ For many years Brian gave his time and commitment to the arts on Tiree and he will long be remembered as the principal teacher of art at Tiree High School before his retiral in 2006. Brian inspired young and old with his enthusiasm for the arts and shall be remembered with fondness by all who knew him”.

Mr Findlater also thanked the staff of Rural Centre, the staff of the Cobbled Cow tearoom, Neil Connor, Craig Smith, and Jane Isaacson.

More than 40 paintings and one sculpture are in the exhibition which is being staged in the new cinema at the Rural Centre until August 14. The first exhibit to be sold at the opening was a beautiful oil painting entitled Kenevara by local artist Lesley McLean for £400. Prices for the exhibits range from £35 to £600.