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Tiree Community Business – Update


Following the article and appeal in the last issue of An Tirisdeach, the Directors of Tiree Community Business were delighted and encouraged by the turnout at the recent AGM. The office bearers were elected as follows:

Chair – Catriona MacLennan, Vice Chair – Jessie Gray, Secretary – Mabel Macarthur, Treasurer – Myra Brown

The following were elected as new Directors: Alan Millar, Rosaleen Campbell, Louise Reid, Ian Gillies, Fiona Malcolm, Stewart Meikle, John Bottomley and Carole Stoker.

This is an exciting time for TCB and the addition to the board of these new Directors will help to ensure a strong and healthy future for this well established local business.


At present we have one member of staff, Norma Omand, and the hours of business are as follows until further notice: – Monday – Friday 11.00am – 3pm.

AN TIRISDEACH – the way forward:

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things:

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax Of cabbages and kings And why the sea is boiling hot And whether pigs have wings.”

Could this be a description of An Tirisdeach – A collection, every fortnight, of interesting, mundane and normal events?

After 25 years at the helm the group in charge of An Tirisdeach feel that the time has come to let a new group, with different ideas and skills, have a go!

We envisage a group of people running all aspects of the paper in the future rather than one editor. It is Tiree’s paper so we would like Tiree people to get behind it and run it. Whoever takes on An Tirisdeach will have the backing of Tiree Community Business and its facilities to enable the group to continue to produce the paper.

TCB Directors have various ideas which we would discuss with the new group – one of them being to perhaps move to a monthly paper rather than fortnightly – and there is also the possibility of some of the work being carried out at home.

There must be several people out there who could bring enthusiasm and new ideas as well as IT skills to the running of An Tirisideach. We are not looking to reinvent the wheel – just to take over the pushing of it. Eg.-

  • Collation of articles
  • Graphics/Layout
  • Finance/Advertising/Marketing
  • Ear to the ground
  • New ideas


TCB plan to upgrade the IT hardware and software in the office but this would form part of the discussions with the new group before anything is purchased. At this stage TCB is looking for names of interested persons and then discussions will take place as to the way forward. If you would like to be involved in this exciting new development please contact either Catriona MacLennan – catriona{@}maclennanmotors.com or Jessie Gray – jessiegray49{@}gmail.com before Friday 11th December 2015.

New Community Asset For Tiree

business_center_sponsorsThe Directors of Tiree Community Business Ltd, (TCB), owners of An Tirisdeach, have finalised the purchase of The Island Centre, Crossapol, (locally called the Business Centre), from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, (HIE).

The effective date of takeover was the 1st April at which time Tiree Community Business assumed ownership and management of the entire building. The Island Centre has previously been managed by Inverness property specialists, Graham & Sibbald, on behalf of HIE. The change of ownership means that all rents previously paid to Graham & Sibbald by Island Centre tenants will now be retained by TCB for use on the island.

Chairman of TCB, Ian Gillies was `delighted’ with the outcome and told An Tirisdeach, “I really am very fortunate to work with a small team of staff and volunteer Directors in TCB who have excellent previous experience in community acquisition of public buildings. The professional support of our legal advisors, Peterkins Robertson Paul, and the advice and financial assistance given to us by Highlands and Islands Enterprise has also been invaluable, and without which we would have been unable to complete the purchase. I am also extremely grateful to the Directors and staff of The Tiree Trust for their willing and generous financial support of £20,000 to assist the purchase this building for the community. My thanks also to Stewart Meikle, our business advisor, for his unswerving faith and faultless business advice”.

Tiree Trust Chair, Tish MacKinnon said, “this is a perfect example of using Windfall Fund cash to lever in a far larger sum. What this now means is that instead of money flowing out of the island in the form of rents, that cash now stays on Tiree for re-investment. We are really very pleased to have had a part in the acquisition of this important community asset and we wish Tiree Community Business well for the future”.

Claire Munro, HIE’s Community Assets Team Manager said: “We are delighted to have supported Tiree Community Business to take ownership of the Business Centre. Community owned assets have the potential to deliver enormous social and economic benefits for local people. HIE is proud to help groups like Tiree Community Business develop their own plans for sustainable, viable futures.”

Business Centre Open Day Success

tcb open day

Tiree Community Business held a successful open meeting on the 27th June 2011 at An Talla where TCB Directors, Chris Hall and Micheal Holiday from Roots, and Stewart Meikle – all experts in their own fields – were on hand to explain in more detail the proposed plans for the purchase and development of the Business Centre.

Around 70 people turned up and provided feedback on the proposed development. Three possible design options for the proposed extension and several options to improve the external appearance of the existing building were shown. Feedback from those of you who came along to the event highlighted that the overwhelming preference was design option 2 – this option provides the largest available floor space and fits well with the design of the current building.

tcb open day

Other feedback included the need to make sure the new facilities did not duplicate any other existing provision on the island and that there was a real need for additional office space for rental. All of the feedback is being considered by the directors and will help to inform the final proposal that goes forward to secure funding.

If you did not manage along on the 27th there is still an opportunity to view the display boards as these will be in the Business Centre for the next month. Please pop in and have a look and complete a feedback form. The animated fly through of all three options can also be found on the About Us page of An Tirisdeach. This is well worth a look as it really brings the proposals to life.

tcb open day

The next stage will be to consult with planning officials to gain feedback on the likelihood of the preferred option gaining planning approval and to obtain an outline of the likely costs associated with the extension. This will allow us to progress to the first stage of a Big Lottery application.

The Directors would like to thank Roots for the stunning presentation of the displays, Stewart and Norma who organised the event and a special thanks to everyone who came along to support and comment on the proposals. We will keep you updated on how the project progresses over the next few months.

Changes At An Tirisdeach

Changes at An Tirisdeach mean that Mr. Ian Sharp will be the new editor, and Ms. Angela Sutherland will be sub-editor, and business centre administrator.
Both are looking forward to working on An Tirisdeach, and hope to produce an Island paper which reflects the broad spectrum of people, businesses, and interests of Tiree.
This issue has been published by Mhairi Byfield & Angela. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mhairi for her invaluable help and support during this transitional time.
Due to staff changes at An Tirisdeach you have no doubt noticed that the Business Centre opening times have been rather erratic. Sincere apologies for the disruption of normal operating times to anyone who has come into the business centre and found the office closed!
Normal Opening times will resume on Monday 30th March 2009
Opening times will be 9:30am – 12:30pm