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Cable Laying Ship Working In Tiree Passage

cable laying ship in Tiree PassageAs An Tirisdeach reaches our deadline date for publication, we are delighted to see that the cable laying ship Rene Descartes is back in the Tiree Passage laying fibre optic cable for future broadband services, after spending the weekend in Belfast.

The ship is currently working between Calgary Bay, Mull and Scarinish, Isle of Tiree, where the broadband fibre-optic cables will come ashore. An Tirisdeach understands that shore based work at the Scarinish BT repeater station is already complete to receive the new fibre-optic cable.

Local organisations including Tiree Broadband, Tiree Trust and Tiree Community Council, successfully presented a compelling case to Marine Scotland that the sub-sea cable between Mull and Tiree should be commenced immediately, despite objections by Clyde based fishing interests to the sea bed cable work.

It is unlikely that faster broadband services will be available to BT customers on Tiree until the completion by BT in 2015 of infrastructure planning.

Readers who are interested in following the daily progress of the Rene Descartes can do so on their tablets or iPad’s by downloading an app called “marine traffic”. The app shows all ship movements in the area, including speed, destination, cargo carried etc.

Broadband Concerns

letters to editor

I am writing looking for support on what to do next concerning broadband connection in Balevullin where my home is. I recently returned to BT who said they could cover the area – this was not to be the case.

I had enquired about Tiree broadband by the way, only to hear there was a waiting list etc. and I do not wish to use Sky services.

What I heard about Balevullin, and then heard that other areas have been told the same, was that if we got together 15 signatures our request might be rewarded with an improvement to lines etc. To this end if anyone in the Balevullin / Hough area (or nearby) wants to sign up can you let Lorna MacDonald know on 220 642. BT has since told me that it is up to the local council and BT Openreach about where lines are upgraded.

My appeal is for guidance about how to resolve this more quickly than waiting for 15 signatures. Please do make contact on pearlhbrown{@}talktalk.net as I am most frustrated by this rather antiquated approach to remedying something that may or may not work.

This episode has had its lighter moments though. The old BT landline to the house is so poor that I gave up trying to discuss the issues with BT and decided to wait until returning to London;
Also I innocently said to Lorna ‘give me you email address so that we can keep in touch’ – we both laughed! And then finally at the airport I was asked if I have checked in on line – I wish I thought silently.

Yours sincerely Pearl Brown