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More Contributions Please!

The last issue of An Tirisdeach contained the above plea, but it is noticeable that despite fairly provocative articles in recent issues of An T, (the Geese of Tiree, Road Equivalent Tariff issues, and in this week’s issue, Community Land Ownership), reader response has been a little underwhelming.

I know that these issues are topical and relevant because I hear folk discussing the very same matters on a daily basis. With a circulation currently standing at 800 copies, plus an online version which is read all over the world, An Tirisdeach is an ideal medium, and open to anyone to promote their thoughts or ideas to a wider audience.

Possibly there is a subject that An Tirisdeach has not as yet covered and which needs an airing. If so please let us know and we will do our best to research the relevant information and then get the content out there for comment and debate. While we do like to print the names of contributors, in the interests of fairness and openness, we can also withhold your name from publication, if you wish.

We are certainly not in favour of a newsletter dominated by advertising, though this forms an important part of maintaining the economic viability of An Tirisdeach, but we are always looking for a greater emphasis on local content that is relevant to Tiree.

So, a respectful plea to our readers to share with us, some of your thoughts, ideas, likes, hates, hopes and fears, when we can really begin to understand some of the things that are important to you!

Ian Gillies, Chairman, Tiree Community Business Ltd. (owners of An Tirisdeach)

Contact us; t. 01879 220520

email; antirisdeach{@}btconnect.com