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Note of second meeting of Tiree Renewable Energy Skills, Education and Training Group (RESET) 26/3/12

Present- R Thornton (by ‘phone), D Campbell, T MacKenzie, , S Isaacson, J Smith

Apologies- K MacCallum, W Wright

1. Introduction

· It was agreed that the action points from the last meeting would be taken as part of the discussion

· It was agreed that any funds provided by SPR for RESET in Tiree during 2012/13 would be allocated by an ad hoc group consisting of 2 representatives from SPR, 2 from TCDT and 1 from Tiree High School.

The funds would be channelled administratively through TCDT, subject to their formal agreement.

· It was agreed that RESET funds would be available to anyone eligible who was over 16 years old and for disciplines that were related to employability in the renewable energy sector. Such disciplines would include all aspects of engineering, pure and applied sciences, business, management, IT and appropriate vocational training/education. Further basic eligibility criteria would also require to be developed in a set of formal rules for the initiative.

2. Estimated demand

· Jayne had previously confirmed that any support from SPR for RESET would not affect other potential funding for post-school students.

· It was assumed that the eligibility criteria would define a workable ‘Tiree connection’

· It was estimated that approximately 7 students on the current roll of THS would be looking to pursue RESET-related activities post-school in 2012/13 and 2013/14.

· Sophie reported that the post?school sector was more difficult to quantify but it was agreed that approximately the same number of individuals over the two years would be the maximum.

· This would give an estimated maximum of 7 or 8 individuals potentially eligible for support over each of the next two years.

3. Budget

· £10,000 would be available for 2012/13 with the intention that the same would be available for 2013/14.

· If numbers eligible for support were as above this would enable a maximum of approximately £500?£750 per annum to be awarded to individuals for full-time year- long courses (or parts of courses) with correspondingly smaller amounts for one-off, part-time or short courses.

4. Other related activities

· It was agreed that if any individual planned to pursue teacher training which could potentially lead to wider RESET-related subject choice in THS then that would also come within the definition of RESET.

· It was also agreed that any Tiree based community group wishing to promote RESET would be eligible for support from the initiative.

· Ralph confirmed that it would not be possible for SPR to make work experience placements available to any THS students in session 2012/13.

· Ralph confirmed that, in the event of a visit to Whitelee Wind Farm being part of the 2013 THS EIL excursion, SPR would be willing to consider supporting the related transport costs.

· It was agreed that, apart from the support for certain teacher training courses, the issue of improved subject provision was outwith the scope of the initiative.

5. Community RESET Event

· It was agreed that a further event, similar to that in September 2011, would be useful and that June 2012 would be a suitable time for it. Sophie had begun planning the outlines of such an event. SPR would support the event as much as possible and Donnie would liaise with Sophie. It was agreed that it would be ideal to time the launch of the initiative to coincide with the community event.

6. Actions for next meeting

· Progress to have been made on organising community RESET event? Sophie and Donnie

· Clarification of how TCDT would administer the annual RESET funding?Donnie to speak with Andy Wright.

· Production of draft rules for the initiative?Donnie

· Distribution to all, for information, of Rules and Constitution of John MacLean Scholarship, of which Donnie is a Trustee.

Community Notice From Tiree Trust And SPR

Tiree Trust LogoScottish Power Renewables logo

SPR has recently given a commitment to establish a Community Partnership Fund and to discuss with the community how to set it up. It has always been a priority for Tiree Community Development Trust to find out, on behalf of the community, more about what this could be if the proposed Array went ahead.

At the first public meeting held by SPR on Tiree it was announced that if the proposed wind farm development went ahead there would be financial benefit for the local community.

The first meeting between Tiree Trust and SPR to discuss the proposed Community Partnership Fund (CPF) took place on 24th January 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to plan the process for agreement of the Fund. Points discussed, which will also be on the agenda for future meetings, were:

  • How the meetings should be recorded and reported and how the community should be consulted.
  • The role of Argyll and Bute Council.
  • What the make up of the negotiating body planning the process should be.
  • How the final Fund amount per year should be calculated.
  • What the make up of the future body which would administer and distribute the Fund should be.
  • How funding for skills/education/training could be used in 2012-13.
  • Negotiation stages and timetables for the process.

It was agreed that the above points would be on the agenda for the first stage of the discussions. The second stage would focus on what the Fund would be used for and what its amount would be. Each stage would end with a community consultation in the form of either an open afternoon or an evening public meeting.

There will be further meetings on 14th February and 21st February with the community consultation on Stage 1 soon after. Stage 2 will then commence immediately, with the object of final approval by the community, which would be Stage 3, around April 2012.

This is a joint update from the Trust and SPR. It was agreed at the meeting that these updates should be joint and not be included in the regular SPR updates. Full minutes of the CPF meetings will be available to the public at the end of each Stage of negotiations.

Tiree Community Development Trust is neither for nor against the proposed wind farm development and this process is a continuation of the fact finding mandate given by the community at public meetings in 2009/10. If anyone has any queries regarding the above please contact Donnie Campbell or the Tiree Trust office.