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Threat To Tiree Sub Sea Fibre Optic Cable Link

                  The adverse effects of this on the island’s economy, which is currently estimated at £5m – £6m per year, would be rapid and debilitating We were dismayed to learn yesterday that despite the fact that work on the West Coast subsea cable broadband network has already begun, the licence for the cable… »

Nàdair Thiriodh – Tiree Ranger Service


Erosion Repairs / Damage Work has now been completed at Balephetrish and Crossapol. It looks like a great job has been done considering that we have been limited by the restrictions placed upon us and the fact that we could only use existing materials. Only… »

Construction of Tiree’s Community Boathouse Complete


The final phase of the Noust, Tiree’s community boathouse, was opened in Scarinish on 14th June 2014.This marked the end of a two-year project by Tiree Maritime Trust and Tog Studio, who have worked together to deliver this special building in a unique way. The… »