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Nine designers entered their beautifully made and original outfits in the Rags-to-Riches Eco- Chic Fashion contest on July 2nd.

Entries were under 3 categories – Creations for Celebrations, Cosy Posey Bonfire and Summer Sports. All entries were carefully considered by judges Bella Bremner, Natalie Crayton and Gemma Machray and prizes were awarded as follows:

Best Design went to designer ‘PA77’ by Sarah Holliday for her entry in the Summer Sports section of an amazing yellow halter neck dress made from a t-shirt and the straps of a suitcase modelled by Lynne MacKinnon.

Best Use of Recycled Materials went to designer ‘Do-itlike- a-Dude’ by Beatrice Thompson for her elegant maxi dress made from plastic bags and modelled by Kacie Thompson.

Best Accessory went again to Do-it-like-a-Dude for her necklace and bracelet made from metal bottle tops on wire.

Best Collection went to Do-it-like-a-Dude for a cleverly designed collection of plastic bag dress modelled by Kacie Thompson, re-styled ladies suit modelled by Faith Kemp and Cosy Posey Bonfire outfit of up-cycled boiler suit and rigger boots modelled by Kimberly Brice.

Best Model went to Faith Kemp who modelled a revamped ladies suit decorated with jewels and badges and designed from Do-it-like-a-Dude.

The Rags to Riches Eco-Chic Award went to ‘Belle la mode’ by Ashleigh Watson for the most overall points in all categories for her stunning and beautifully designed black and white collection of on trend dresses and accessories made from news paper, old sheets and curtains modelled by Erin Beese, Chloe Williams and herself.

The quality of the designs and workmanship was outstanding with other entries included exquisite children’s clothes made from old nurse’s tunics, a collection of beautiful coats with patchwork trains and old clothes up-cycled into amazing modern designs.

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