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Letters to the editor

letters to editor

RE: Visitors camping facilities

Dear Sir,
I was saddened to see a Letter to the Editor published in the last edition of An Tirisdeach, that not only seemed to be a very scathing and personal attack on the Scarinish Hotel but I would imagine a blow to their possible occupancy at a time of the year when businesses of this type are gearing up to the forthcoming tourist season.

Yes, I think there are certainly things that can be improved on and that goes for us all, however if the author is intent on offering malicious statements on someone else’s business, he should at least have the courage of his convictions – or some might says ‘the guts’ – to put his name to it.

Yours faithfully, Andrew Montgomery

Being aware of Tiree’s long tradition of welcome to visitors, I’d be glad to offer free use of my land to any who wish to camp but have no reservation for their holiday. Having mentioned this to the Access Officer I hope this offer will be made available to any in need, when they book the ferry, arrive or later.

Sincerely, Ulrike Rawson

Letters to the Editor

letters to editor

A letter in the last edition of An Tirisdeach has prompted many comments, mainly verbal, but here are some responses that came into the office either by post or e-mail. As ever your views are important and we aim to give you the chance to express your opinions through the pages of the newsletter.

We ,as a family, would like to reply to Offshore View regarding his/her comments about An Turas.

Brian was always very diligent in his maintenance of the building and it was only last summer when diagnosed with a terminal illness that even his passion for An Turas had to take a back seat.

It is a great pity that Offshore View lacked the courage to put his/her name to their letter. Perhaps he/she is one of these people who find it very easy to criticize what others do for Tiree without actually doing anything themselves.

The Milne family Anne, Nathan, Adam and Hana

Don’t Judge a book by its cover!

Last weekend I went to the Scarinish Hotel with my parents and had a really excellent experience.

We had drinks and ordered our meals in the lovely renovated upper lounge with an amazing view and comfortable armchairs, then we were called down when our food was ready.

The food and service was great thanks to their new chef and waiting staff and was a reasonable price with the 20% April discount and complimentary coffees in the upper lounge to finish off the evening.

Just thought I’d let people who might have had some reservations know the experience I had. Thank you,

Becky Wright

In response to the letter in the last edition of An Tirisdeach regarding the condition of the area from the Pier to Scarinish – I am proud of our Island and glad that I am able to live on Tiree but sadly find myself in agreement with the thought behind the letter from Offshore View, however there are numerous untidy areas all around the Island and perhaps we should all take a little more responsibility for, and pride in, the appearance of our surroundings..

By E-mail.

And on another matter

Could someone please enlighten us as to the situation regarding caravans and camper vans on Tiree?

We were reliably informed that a system had been put in place that would require all visitors with said vehicles to pre-book a place on a designated campsite. The visitor season seems to be well underway and caravans and camper vans can be seen across the island on the machair and in the dunes.

When, if at all, is the system going to be enforced and is this system legally enforceable or does it rely on the goodwill of the tourist?

G. Walker

Editor’s note – A new access officer has recently been appointed and started work this week(Monday 12th). We have asked if he will come into the office for a chat and
hopefully we will be able to give an update on the situation in the next edition.

Letters to the Editor

letters to editor

Road Repairs

Dear Editor,
Are they finished repairing the roads or can we expect more work?

On my route to work between Balemartin and Cornaig there is a stretch – maybe 4 or 5 yards – at the Balinoe Post Office road end which is superb. Apart from that, I think the patch up job on ‘some’ of the pot holes is appalling and I will be surprised if there are not craters in the road surface again very soon.

Some of the potholes were not repaired at all which is why I ask – is there more work going to be done in the near future?

Yours in exasperation,
Jessie Gray

Tiree ‘Midden Tour’

An Turus being gaelic for The Journey is a good place to start for the current and increasing Tiree ‘Midden tour’, The building won the prestigious “Scottish Building of the Year” award way back in 2003, it is now cracked, dirty and surrounded by rubbish deposited by the many wheelie bin wind disasters we all suffer from …the paint has faded as has the memory of the cost.

Pier Road is the first impression for all arriving from the ferry, the collecting junk around the garage, the deteriorating flat bed trailer left by the road side, the state of the road, add to the scenic drive up to the old harbour and the zenith of our little tour de force.

It saddens me and many others at the loss of the Scarinish Hotel as a ‘ nice place to visit’… it now has an internal ambiance of squalor, dirty and un-welcoming … not so very long ago the place was a lively island pub.

Over the last few years the hotel has gradually deteriorated into its current embarrassing state. The old boat shed is ready to decapitate some unfortunate being in a future gale, the manhole cover regularly regurgitates its sewage onto the car park, the gas bottles roll around at the whim of the weather, the fence is ready to follow the boat shed. It is not only an aesthetic mess it also poses a real Health and Safety problem …do the owners care? Well on current performance ‘ no’. However the hotel website states;

‘We are a team of committed professionals and our mission is to create something quite special here – a Scottish island experience which will take your breath away. Where you can breathe in and soothe the body – and breathe out and smile’. http://www.tireescarinishhotel.com

It is easy to become complacent even in the most beautiful of places …however, familiarity does breed contempt …and something special has been created and it takes my breath away every time I walk by, as for a smile …I wish ! It is spring, maybe it is time to invest in that spring time maintenance and cleaning …to the owners I ask only one small thing, please give us back our Island Pub or at the very least tidy your midden.

Offshore View.

Atlantic Rising Update

Apologies for cluttering your inboxes on a Monday morning, however it is rare that we have REALLY exciting news.

Yesterday morning our Message in a Bottle was found by Brazilian fishermen off the coast of Brazil. It had travelled 1000 miles in the five weeks since its launch.

Using our satellite tracking equipment we were able to locate where it was and spent the best part of a morning trying to get hold of the people who had it.

The good news is that it is safe. We now have to find 2000 Brazilian children to respond to the letters that are contained within it.

Love to you all, Will.