No Tiree Array

Will this be the scale of things to come if Tiree Array is consented?

turbinesVisual Impact: Gamesa (20 % owned by Iberdrola) a major Spanish turbine manufacturer, and supplier to Iberdrola, is currently designing a comparable 7MW turbine. SPR, to maximize Tiree Array is considering deploying 10MW turbines units. Current technical information on 10 mw units is sparse but suggests the over-all dimensions of a 10MW unit will approximate to those of the 7MW unit. Either way the visual impact of the Array basis 7MW or 10MW turbines units will be a considerable scale-up from the visualizations SPR presented in June 2011. SPR have advised NTA they have no intention of presenting the appropriate visualizations till much closer to submitting their planning application.

Tilley turbine comparison

7 MW Turbine alongside Tilley

Converter AStation: According to SPR updates in AnT, a decision will be taken shortly as to whether this will be on shore Tiree, or off-shore within the Array. Yet Tiree has not been offered a visualization of what the onshore converter station may look like. Other than minimal information that it ‘would measure approximately 100x 50X25M high’ (SPR Scoping request p18) Tiree knows nowt. Tiree has NO information re. pylonage (if any). landward and seaward access, site area or locatioN. In the event it is decided to be on-shore, would it become a deemed planning application? The latter has significant implications. NTA is seeking Marine Scotland’s clarification.

Foundation Issues and the Planning Application:- The last NTA update made reference to the 2 contrasting foundation types ie jacket and gravity.jacket_foundation As the attendees to SPR’s Barrow visit established, there is a significant difference in the visual impact of the Array, depending on the foundation type. NTA’s analysis suggests jacket foundations (pictured) may be the most likely option.

The alternative, gravity foundations, would require levelling Skerryvore’s seabed to within 1m which can only be achieved by dredging (SPR agree not an option), explosives (SPR states ‘currently’ not an option), or infilling (SPR hasn’t commented). In addressing this issue with SPR it would appear that even jacket foundations pose technical issues. SPR advise ‘we need site data to design a suitable foundation solution’ This in turn suggests that SPR, currently, does not have a foundation solution, and begs the obvious question ie may SPR’s planning application be delayed until such time as a foundation solution is found? SPR advise;- “For the planning application we don’t need an engineered design”. NTA is seeking clarification from Marine Scotland.

D Trump: As reported in the National Press, Donald Trump has written to Alex Salmond accusing the First Minister of seeming “hell bent on destroying Scotland’s coastline with wind power”. Not withstanding Mr Trump’s colourful persona, or his manifest self-interest, or one’s personal opinion of him, he has awakened a much needed national debate. For more detailed information on all these topics go to NTA ‘s website:-


  • Interesting, however you gotta laugh at NTA jumping on the coat tails of a person of the calibre of Donald Trump! This is a man who has destroyed large parts of the Menie Estate in Aberdeen to build a golf resort. He is now raising the issue of wind farms because it spoils HIS view!, You couldn’t make this up, he is throwing stones from his glass house am afraid.

    In fact, you probably wouldn’t pick a more inappropriate role model, or would you?, typical of the NIMBY attitude that appears to exist within NTA am afraid.

    The people of Tiree don’t care about D Trump, they care about Tiree!

  • Hi Lachie,

    I think you will find that the reference to Trump echo’s coverage in the national and international press…It is news. Get real…wake up and smell the coffee, NTA have not jumped on anybodys coat tails by making reference to the debate he has initiated.
    His derision is towards 7 turbines of a much smaller size, 3.5km from shore, no converter station, no wilderness coast, you are only too aware the Tiree aka Argyll Array is over a GW and therefore somwhere between 100 to maybe 300 turbines…Trump is admitidly a colorfull character…but remember only a few months ago one of the overseas investors so coverted by Alex Salmond…And supported by the same…if Mr Trump was offering several million for Tiree and a hundred or so realistic jobs on Tiree which would you prefer ?


  • Hi Karl,

    Problem is that Mr Trump is complaining about the prospect of wind farms from a purely selfish view and because it his spoiling HIS view. He has even threatened to stop building his much coveted hotel because of this! No amount of money or favour could convince me that Mr Trump is doing anything for anyone else except himself.

    Why in the world would anyone take any notice of Mr Trump when it comes to wind energy! Who is Donald Trump to tell Scotland what is good for our economy and environment!

    I think you may just find that this has actually been good for the pro-wind energy movement to know that someone like Mr Trump is endorsing anti-wind.

    Main point is though, what on earth has this got to do with the Tiree Array, as you say, this is of no comparison in size to the Tiree Array, and as I understand, NTA wish to protect the culture, heritage and landscape of Tiree, something Mr Trump has destroyed in Aberdeen!, or is this the usual anti-wind energy stuff we have now come to expect from NTA.

  • It is interesting to note the amount of anti-NTA comments you post Lachie….rather than pro or anti Tiree Array comments…maybe your motives are based on reasons other than the anti or pro view points that form the debate ?

    The Tiree Array now encompasses much more than local issues & is of strategic concern to the nation ( it always was strategic to the preemptive few). Mr Trump has his own agenda… he is generating plenty of news, that is what he does, highlighting his points of view does not mean total agreement with his set of views…much the same as highlighting ALEX Salmonds point of view does not mean agreement.

    Trump is highlighting the inapropriate placing of a wind power stations…this is exactly what NTA is highlighting…unfortunately to see the bigger strategic picture and remove the blinkers, the windfarm debate and all of it’s nuances has to be viewed as a whole…love it or loath it we, I, have moved on from a simplistic, islander and island perspective…this is the nature of things. Trump is looking after his own interest and we are looking after ours…if our paths are forced to cross or run parallel for a while, so be it.



  • Lachie Brown Jnr


    For the record I am not Anti NTA, I just not sure I agree with the MO adopted by NTA over the Tiree Array. And certainly don’t agree with your alignment with D Trump.

    I would just like to see some practical comment made by NTA with regard to the issues pertaining to Tiree, its culture, employment etc etc and not the constant wind bashing attitude you are adopting. The Tiree Array debate is not about wind energy, it is about what will happen to Tiree should this development proceed, or not as may be the case.

    Not sure I fully understand your suggestions around my motives, which are to try and ensure Tiree benefits to the max with whatever development comes our way.


  • Hi Lachie,

    Our motives are as clear as the threat to your mother Isle.

    The website explains all, some of the negatives are quantifiable, answers to the many other detremental affects and planned mitigation measures are not forthcoming from either the Scottish Government or Iberdrola (SPR). No positives have as yet come to light…if and when they do come to light, you will find them on the NTA website.

    Your assumtion (given that assumption is at the root of most disasters) that development will come our way should be balanced with whatever damage we can expect.

    While Tiree’s situation is in many ways UNIQUE…it also shares much common ground with other communities suffering the same threat of blight nationally and internationally…simply look at the figures of how many wind power stations have been steam rolled through, when the MAJORITY of locally affected communities have voted against their development.

    Offshore should mean offshore…out of site, the only reason this is not happening is down to $$$$ not down to R & D.

    On a personal note and not reflecting any NTA game plans…if Mr Trump was to offer me say 1,000,000 GBP to fight a national campaign about ‘irresponsible’ placement of windfarms or any other industrial development… I would take it. Wouldn’t you ?




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