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The Windfall Fund is welcoming enquiries so please get in touch with a member of the Trust Team for an enquiry form or for more information. Please get in touch as soon as you have an idea for a project and don’t leave it to the last minute! The following awards were made in September 2014:

  • Tiree Piping Society received £1,100.00 towards running a piping and accordion music workshop weekend.

Ùlpan Update

The Ùlpan project is still continuing, with 8 pupils currently working their way through level 3, which is half way through the entire course!

Over the summer we advertised for a summer program of intensive levels, unfortunately we failed to get enough people signed up for it. Despite that we had successful Ùlpan taster sessions at TMF and throughout the summer, and a lot of people have shown great interest in the method. Because of this, we have decided to advertise intensive weekend classes, which would mean competing a level over the course of three intensive weekends (Saturday and Sunday). This is a very intensive method and requires a great deal of commitment, not to mention giving up your entire weekend for three weeks. On the plus side, it would mean you have completed a level and have started your journey to Gaelic fluency.

If you have any questions or wish to sign up then please get in touch with donna@tireetrust.org.uk

Donna MacLean

Music, Culture & Communications Coordinator

Community Land Ownership (CLO)

An options’ appraisal which will evaluate a range of land purchase options is currently under way. The CLO Steering Group met on Monday 8th September to discuss the proposed outcomes of this project and how the land purchase options would be evaluated. An update on this will be available online via the TCDT website following approval of the proposals by the TCDT board.

Staff Update

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members of staff. Fiona Armstrong who will be taking on the role of Youth Coordinator for the duration of Sophie’s maternity leave and also to Kimberly Bryce our new Seasonal Youth Worker.

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