Tiree Community Development Trust Community Partnership Fund (CPF) Meeting with SPR


  • Tiree Trust LogoDate 14th February 2012
  • Time 7.30pm
  • Venue An Talla
  • Present Trust Directors : Roger Jarvis, John Bowler, Trudy MacKenzie, Pat Campbell, Fiona Munn , Tish MacKinnon, Kate MacCallum
  • Trust Staff: Andy Wright
  • Apologies: Mark Armstrong, Rosaleen Campbell
  • SPR: Donnie Campbell, Ralph Thornton (by phone)

1. Welcome and apologies.
2. Previous minutes were agreed with two amendments.
3. Timetable – SPR aim to have agreement in principle for presentations to the community by May 2012.
4. Protocols, Reporting and Consultation – This required no further discussion.
5. Argyll and Bute Council (Should be ABRA) – SPR stated it was up to the company to ensure that any Argyll wide
agreement under the auspices of Argyll & Bute Renewable Alliance (ABRA) had no impact on the final CPF sum
agreed with Tiree.
6. Composition of Fund Negotiating Body – It was agreed that the fund negotiating body would comprise RT
and DC from SPR, Trust Directors plus 2 or 3 members co-opted from the community. These would be separate
from paid legal or financial advisors. DC and IMK to think of candidates for next meeting.
7. Secretariat and Admin – This required no further discussion.
8. Composition of Fund Management Body – TCDT restated that it, as a democratically elected group of
community members with a mechanism in place for distributing community grants, is ideally set up to manage
any proposed CPF. SPR believed that TCDT would have a conflict of interest if it were the fund management
body. SPR would also want a representative on the fund management body. This was discussed but no
agreement was reached. Both SPR and TCDT to take legal advice with regards to distributing such a fund and
this will be discussed at future meetings.
9. Basis for Determination of Fund Amount – TCDT did not feel that the Community Growth Plan for Tiree
should be used as the basis for determining any proposed Fund amount, but that it should be a guide to
spending it. SPR favoured the use of the Plan as an objective starting point and offered to engage an
independent consultant to value it as a first step to allow the discussions to move forward. TCDT agreed but
reserved the right to advocate and explore other methods of determining the Fund amount. SPR will produce
a list of contractors and terms of engagement, to be agreed with TCDT.
10. Skills/Education/Training in 2012/2013 – It was agreed that a new Tiree based group should be formed
with representatives from TCDT, Tiree High School, Argyll College and SPR to produce a skills strategy for
Tiree. SPR indicated that this funding for this would replace sponsorships to local groups and events in the
Meeting closed at 9:15pm

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