Tiree Community Trust – Update


The Windfall Fund is welcoming enquiries so please get in touch with a member of the Trust Team for an enquiry form or for more information.

Please get in touch as soon as you have an idea for a project and don’t leave it to the last minute!

The following awards were made in May 2014:

  • Tiree Music Festival received £3,000.00 towards tent hire for the festival.
  • Tiree Music Festival received £3,000.00 towards showers & toilets hire for the festival.


Join us to discuss what a new community shop management committee would look like. There are various ways in which this project can proceed and different roles to be defined and allocated.

Whether you want to be fully involved, intermittently involved in this project or just contribute to the discussion we want to know what you can contribute to the ‘dream team’ and how this team would operate to deliver the best community shop for the island.

“I strongly feel that it’s important to get a ‘dream team’ together even if it’s for just one meeting, and even if it’s just to discover that there isn’t the collective will to take the project forward. That way we can be absolutely certain that we have given the project as good a go as the community can offer at this time.” – Views expressed by a community member at the previous meeting on 15th May.

Contact Lynne Cox, Growth Plan Co-coordinator lynne@tireetrust.org.uk 01879 220 074


Some of you will have noticed that Tilley was not turning for a few days last week. This was due to a minor fault (with the rectifier on the nacelle) and a team from Enercon arrived last Tuesday and fixed the problem.

TREL has a maintenance contract with Enercon which covers all regular maintenance and servicing as well as unexpected faults, like the one last week!


The Trust has been successful in securing a grant of up to £5,375 from HIE to provide support to the Community Land Ownership Steering Group in completing an Options Appraisal. An advert for the consultancy opportunity is printed elsewhere in this edition on An Tirisdeach.


There has been some confusion about the Lodge Hotel consultation which was displayed at the Trust Community Open Day on Saturday 10th June. We would like to clarify that the consultation was carried out by an individual and not by or on behalf of the Trust.

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