Argyll Array Project Update #3

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Please see below your regular update on the proposed Argyll Array offshore windfarm.

General Update

We continue to work on placing a large number of contracts. We recently appointed our legal advisors, and are close to awarding contracts for a call-off arrangement for bird/marine mammal survey vessels. The next contracts to be placed will be for lead environmental consultancy and technical advice. Our vessel-based bird and marine mammal surveys continue, and we have just completed an Autumn bird survey using radar.

SPR Community Liaison Officer, Tiree

The deadline for applications for this position has now passed.

We received a number of good quality applications, and are discussing these with internal colleagues. We will be in touch shortly to invite successful candidates to interview.


Since our public exhibition in September, we have been conducting a survey of island opinions on our project. A hard copy of this survey was available in issue 478 of An Tirisdeach, It can also be completed online at If you have not already filled one in, we would encourage you to complete the survey. It is anonymous, and we will present the aggregated results in An Tirisdeach.

The postal address for surveys:
Morna Cannon, ScottishPower Renewables, 4th Floor, 1 Atlantic Quay, GLASGOW, G2 8JB.


  • Scotsman article: reads

    Scotland ‘risking a blackout’ in a bid to go greenPremium Article !

    THE “lights could go out” over Scotland unless new power stations are built in the next two years to ward off a looming electricity crisis, the head of one of Scotland’s most successful companies has warned Alex Salmond;

    Rupert Soames, chief executive of power supply firm Aggreko, told the First Minister that the National Grid will lose a third of its capacity by 2018 as a string of nuclear, gas and oil-fired power stations across the UK are retired – including several in Scotland.

    Mr Soames claimed that no other industrialised country in the world is at risk of losing so much of its energy supply at the same time – and without a realistic back-up plan.

    He urged both the Scottish and UK governments to postpone green energy targets by a decade. Unless “the concrete is poured” on a new fleet of power stations within the next two years, Mr Soames warned, “we will be in serious danger of the lights going out”

    Ibedrola…two questions firstly would you like to answer Mr Soames point.

    Secondly in your ref :’We continue to work on placing a large number of contracts’. I asked about the tendering process to supply a vessel for your bird survey…was directed to HIE…who said talk to SPR…so much for contracts on Tiree.?

  • Open Letter to SPR

    I have respectfully plagarised a letter I was asked to review…And kindly ask SPR to back up their open consultation statement and answer this email post on this website in their next update.

    To Morna Cannon/Ralph Thornton/ScottishPower Renewables Directors: Susan Deacon (chair), Keith Anderson, Emilio Hernandes, Regina Reyes Gallur, Raphael Icaza de la Sota.Iberdrola s.a

    I live on Tiree, it is my home… I am writing to express a serious concern about the questionnaire that you are circulating regarding the Argyll Array.

    Question 7; uses a dangerously flawed research technique,I am surprised that your research team have allowed it.

    The only proper way to get a true measure of respondents’ opinions and concerns is to invite a scale of response options to each of the areas that you are investigating.

    Thus: “The look of the wind farm is a major concern, a slight concern, not very concerning, not at all concerning”. Structured as it is in your questionnaire, ticking a “yes” box and with only 3 ticks allowed, will ‘ Obviously’ give a fundamentally false reading.

    Your questioner is ‘ fundamentally’ flawed or engineered in such a way as to be capable of getting an indication of limited opposition, where it is in fact widespread, or narrow areas of approval where there are in fact many.

    The 3 that emerge with the most ticks will be wrongly observed as the only three for you to address. No indication will emerge of the number of concerns, the nature of those concerns, and the strength of feeling about each one.

    This is a base error. Correct me if I am wrong ? the role of any research is to measure the true views of stakeholders, and your technique totally invalidates that measurement in this survey.

    This questionnaire will now be placed before independent experts/statisticians. The findings are not valid for any decision-taking on your part, nor can you be allowed to use them to give comfort to others that you have completed a satisfactory and reliable level of investigation about stakeholders’ opinions, they can quite simply be perceived as fraudulent.

    FYI:You must surely have heard about the current accusations directed at Viking Energy in Shetland, who have been accused of using software to generate letters of support for their onshore project…these accusations are currently been investigated…however these ‘generated’ letters of support involve a ‘tick in a box’ and unbeknown to the ‘ticker’, the tick then generates a ‘computer letter of support’ with random fonts and wording, and the name of the pseudo supporter…the letters of support are then past to the governmental ministers who are reviewing the application, and are no doubt now snowed under with computer literate Shetlanders venting the hope that they are not left out of the ‘Renewables circus’

    Given the importance you attached to your consultation process, kindly provide a response and explanation, in a transparent and concise manner to myself and the people of Tiree.

    Yours sincerely,

    Karl Hughes, Bothan nam Fear. The Pier, Scarinish.

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  • To my knowledge SPR have now received over a dozen letters asking for clarification of the obvious bias in the questionnaire…all the letters have been read by Ralph Thornton & Martin Mathers (to name but a few)…the letters have now been forwarded to MS and our local MSP’s…still SPR seem incapable or unwilling to answer our simple questions….

    So much for transparent consultation…



  • Get involved Tiree….There are plans afoot to make Tiree the HUB for several windfarms. This will mean hundreds more people…helicopters and pylons.

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