Ceabhar is crowned Isle of Tiree’s Recycling Can Champion

Ceabhar Restaurant and Guesthouse has been crowned the Isle of Tiree’s recycling champion with a national award recognising their can recycling efforts.

Ceabhar, located in Sandaig, has not only reduced its waste by 40% but has raised thousands of pounds for the local community through the organisation of its recycling. Their business is now more efficient, environmentally friendly and its owners have become obsessed with finding even more opportunities to expand their recycling efforts.

Ceabhar’s environmental initiatives are also attracting ‘green tourists’ giving them a niche in the local hospitality industry. Speaking of Ceabhar’s achievement the Guesthouse owner Duncan Castling said:

“Every Can Counts has started a green revolution in our business. From cans to activities that impact on every single part of our trading environment, we are now aware of it and are thinking more about the environment and recycling in all areas of our business.”

Duncan and Polly invited An Tirisdeach to see the changes they have implemented and it is really impressive what the couple have achieved in a few years. They try to be as environmentally efficient as they possibly can and it is clear they live by their convictions as there are signs all around the restaurant and guesthouse proving they walk the walk.

Both are passionate about recycling and are happy to share what they’ve discovered with other people. They spend time with the guests in the self catering house explaining how they can recycle during their time on Tiree and find that their guests enjoy it and often leave with tips to take away with them.

As mentioned above they have been awarded the Trip Advisor Platinum Green Leaders Award but they are not resting on their laurels and are planning solar panels in the restaurant and a wind turbine which will provide the restaurant’s hot water. Their garden is awash with plants and home grown vegetables and in the corner is Polly’s pride and joy, the composter which is truly impressive- Duncan opened it up and gave it a huge stir up to show me just how effective it is (and whiffy!) Polly explained she has learned so much about composting and encourages anyone to get in touch as she’ll help and advise anyone who would like to “get started”.

They have sayings to remind you of how easy it is to recycle, my personal favourite relating to the can recycling is “wash it and squash it!”

They are a warm and welcoming couple keen for a greener, cleaner Tiree, they so deserved to win these awards. Congratulations 🙂

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