Local Tutors Power Fèis Thiriodh 2011

feis thiriodh 2011

An Talla proved a spectacular venue for Fèis Thiriodh 2011 which came to a triumphant conclusion last weekend. 200 people packed in to the hall for the final ceilidh and dance to the largest and best dressed ceilidh band in Scotland, including Shona and Susan MacFadyen from Caolas.

The seven classes for the 21st Fèis were again held in the hall as the school was unavailable due to maintenance, and every nook and cranny was filled with music. Iain and Anne MacKinnon, along with Ewan and Fiona Malcolm, had lent caravans which made first rate classrooms for piping and whistle.

Numbers were double those of last year as the sun beat down – an unusual experience for the Fèis! The demonstration of traditional baking, organised by Jessie Gray, will be talked about for years. (if you attended the Baking evening and didn’t get a Recipe Booklet, these can be collected from the Business Centre) The shinty match had 30 players, young and not so young, battling furiously for the ball. “There’s no fool like an old fool,” said Niall Oliver, the fiddle tutor as he ruefully took off his helmet after the game.

That evening a music session took over the corner of An Talla, as twenty musicians played furiously into the night listened to by an audience of over 50 people.

“A really great week,” said Dr John Holliday, chair of the Fèis, as the accordions and fiddles were being packed away. “The committee of An Talla went out of their way to make us welcome. Although it is hard to pack in the number of classes we had, the hall is so light and the sound quality so good, we really enjoyed it. It is also wonderful to have so many young and talented Tiree tutors. All in all, a fantastic advertisement for the island and its rich culture.”

The date of the Fèis next year is July 9-13.

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